Freelance Video Editor: Career Planning

Working as a freelance video editor can provide you with a lot of flexibility and rewards in your career. If you are going to pursue this career path, you need to make sure you set some goals for yourself. Here are a few things to consider about setting career goals as a freelance video editor.

Long-Term Goals

When you start out in your career, you need to be working towards a long-term goal. This might be something that could take 20 years for you to accomplish. This is a big goal that would make your life and your career much more enjoyable. Everyone needs a big goal to work toward.

Annual Goals

You also need to get in the habit of setting yearly goals for yourself. Even though you are working toward a big goal, you also need to have an annual goal that you work toward as well. Sit down at the beginning of each year and evaluate how you are moving toward your big goal. If you are getting closer, then you need to keep doing the things that you are doing. If you are getting further away, you need to reevaluate your action steps and consider changing what you are doing. By reviewing your progress every year and setting small goals for yourself, you will be able to move steadily toward the big goal of your freelance video editor career.

Continual Learning

When you are working as a freelance video editor, you need to continually learn. Make an effort to advance your education throughout your career. Technology is always changing and improving. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of film technology, you should spend some time learning about it regularly. You might decide to take some film classes or go to film school. You might want to get a master's or a doctorate in an appropriate field while you continue to work as a video editor. The important thing to remember is that you can never stop learning if you want to be successful overall.

Steady Work

When you are working as a freelance video editor, you are going to have to continually find new clients to work with. In order to keep making money, you need to have a steady stream of clients. Because of this need, you should set goals for yourself in this area. You might start out with the simple goal of getting your first client. After that, you can think about getting one new client every week. As you accomplish this, you can continue moving to higher numbers of clients.


You should also consider setting income goals for yourself. Decide on an amount you want to make per year and then break that down into monthly goals. Freelance video editors can make a comfortable living, but you need to figure out how much you want to make.