Freelance Writer Career Potential

Freelance writer careers can be fantastic and allow you to exercise your creative talents. They’re also hard work and long hours. The careers has huge potential, but they also have risks and have to be compared with other types of writing work objectively. There are many different types of careers in freelance writing. Depending on your skills, interests, and qualifications, they can be excellent careers:

  • Freelance authors: Getting a book published can be a tedious, time consuming task, but it’s also a possible avenue to an excellent income.
  • Freelance magazine writers: These jobs tend to be specialist jobs, working on magazine market topics, but for the enthusiasts they’re great areas to develop a career into a major league syndicated writing business, working across newspapers, magazines, websites and industry writing.
  • Technical writers: These are professionals in the sciences, business and industry with academic qualifications. This can be excellent work, and it’s particularly appropriate for experts in these fields with strong writing skills.
  • Freelance journalists: Freelance journalism can be an exceptional career, and can lead to a very high profile in this field. It can also be a dangerous job, if you’re in a war zone or disaster area.
  • Freelance web writers: This can be anything from blogging to article writing. Some web writers earn excellent money, usually after they have built up their portfolios.
  • Freelance copywriters: This type of copywriting is usually for copywriting experts, and it can pay extremely well. Agencies are interested in hiring freelancers to improve the turnaround times of copy jobs, and there’s usually plenty of work.

Specialist freelance contract writers

Specialist-freelance writing will usually take some time because you will be required to build your portfolio. Some of the most common types of work are:

  • Ghost writing
  • Content writing
  • Translation
  • Business writing
  • White paper writing
  • Script writing
  • Screenwriting
  • Creative writing
  • Wiki writing

Comparing Freelance Writer Careers with In-Office Staff

The comparison between freelance and employee writing isn’t as one-sided as it might look. The freelance writer career has far more potential than the employee writer career. The only real advantage of employee writing is regular wages. In career terms, that’s not necessarily the best result. Freelance contracts can actually be worth more than employee jobs. For example:

  • Freelancers can control their business interests.
  • Freelance writing gives freelancers copyright over their work. As employees, they get bylines or other credits as well as wages, but don’t actually own their materials.
  • Freelance technical writers often become acknowledged experts in their fields, and their writing acts as a career progression mechanism.
  • Specialist freelance writers can work across a huge range of possible types of job, topics, and contract opportunities.