Full-Time vs Freelance Accountant Career Potential

Freelance accountants are becoming more and more popular nowadays. The reason for this growth in popularity is due to the fact that freelance accountants present a lot of benefits to businesses. The career potential of a freelance accountant is huge in comparison to that of a full time employee. Read on to find out more.

The Double F Factor: Flexibility and Freedom

A freelance accountant as opposed to a full time one handles his own schedule and works whenever it is convenient for him. Provided he meets deadlines, working hours are of his or her choice. This gives freelance accountants the flexibility and freedom to accommodate their jobs to their personal life.

This is a major pro that in some cases, may turn into a con. A freelance accountant who is having a hard time finishing a project on time will work as many extra hours as necessary. That means that in occasions, he or she may be working around the clock.

However, this is not the rule. Full time accountants, on the other hand, need to comply with a specific shift and accommodate their life to it. This is usually not an easy task, especially if you take into account that full time accountants may be asked more often than not to work overtime.

Convenience Works Both Ways

A freelance accountant can do his job almost from anywhere, as long as he has the necessary tools and documents. In most cases, a computer with an internet connection will do. This means that not only he can work from home, but he can also can work from any place he or she wishes to.

Moving out to a different state or country is no longer a problem if you are a freelance accountant. In fact, most companies decide to outsource their accountants. Having freelance accountants in other countries is highly efficient for companies.

Think of the time difference. With freelance accountants around the world, the company can have employees working around the clock. In addition, the exchange rate also plays an important role. Given the differences in the currencies, companies save big bucks hiring freelance accountants abroad.

You Got your Own Back

Even though working in house for a company gives you many perks, advantages and peace of mind, being a freelancer also has its perks. You will need to draft a contract, and most probably get the advice of an attorney, but being an accountant poses a major advantage in comparison to other freelance professionals.

You probably know your way around contracts, so you know what they should say, what can’t be missing, and how to cover your back. Even if you are just starting out as an accountant, there are plenty of online guides on how to write a freelance accountant contract.

Putting your Eggs in Different Baskets

Lastly and most importantly, one of the major benefits of being a freelance accountant is that you get to work for different clients and enjoy a greater income. The career potential for a freelance accountant is huge. If you do well, you may end up opening your own accounting business.