Full-Time vs Freelance Data Entry: Career Potential

Freelance data entry is fast becoming a top choice for people who are willing to take up alternative careers with greater flexibility and no commuting. A large chunk of websites today offers data entry positions for the right candidates. While there are some full time data entry positions available, the favored way of entering data for the employer as well as the employee seems to be a part-time position A freelance position undoubtedly provides greater flexibility to the worker, and in a way. a dedicated data entry operator can pick the cream of the crop and optimize their earning potential. 

So, what is it that makes a career in freelance data entry more lucrative than a full time career in the same field?

  • Data entry finds its appeal among Internet users due to the flexibility of freelancing.
  • A full time data entry operator will have to be satisfied with a fixed wage irrespective of how much he or she works, whereas a freelancer shall earn more if he or she works more.
  • Data entering for various websites pays at various rates, and working in freelance data entry opens up more avenues for the person to choose from a range of opportunities that suit them best.

Flexibility in data entry

The global population of today uses the Internet regularly, and the frequency of usage is ever on the rise. When the opportunity of a career in data entry presents itself to the regular Internet user, it just seems a part of their Internet activity, which is free from the hassles of having a regular job. In addition to that, most data entry positions are work from home positions. It is not beyond the knowledge of anyone that commuting to the same office day in, day out does often becomes a tedious task. This mundane routine is eliminated through a career in data entry, be it freelance or full time. All these factors considered together substantially adds to the lure of a career in data entry.

Survival of the fittest

Freelance data entry does not involve any rocket science. Anyone with basic computer knowledge who is just a tad Internet savvy will most likely have the aptitude to fulfill these data entering positions. While the good thing about that is that you don't need great expertise or qualification to get one such job, surviving is quite another thing. The fact is that with the work being fairly easy, many people are willing to take it up. This increases competition hugely. While the field is still very open, saturation is possible at some stage in the future.

Growth in data entry

Growth is one of the major concerns while choosing a career. However, data entry being a somewhat isolated job profile, it leaves limited scope for growth. That is all the more reason why freelance data entry is a better alternative to full-time, as one can work more to earn more or even enter data only for those websites that pay higher rates.