Full-Time vs. Freelance IT Career Potential

Deciding between freelance IT work and working as a full-time employee can be a difficult decision for many individuals in this field. Both options carry with them some advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few things to consider about working as a full-time IT employee or as a freelance IT professional.

Freelance IT

The field of IT is becoming very large and many different industries require IT help regularly. Because of this, there is plenty of room for freelance IT professionals to get involved. By doing this, you are going to be able to work for a variety of different clients and basically be in charge of your own business. You will be able to set your own hours and choose the people that you work with. Many people like working as a freelance IT professional because they do not have to answer to any management and they can work as they please.

The field of IT could be considered very lucrative. If you work for someone else, your company is going to make a percentage off of the money that you generate. However, when you work as a freelancer, you are going to be able to reap the full benefits of your labor. This basically means that you are not going to have a cap on what you can earn. If you still have time to work, you are welcome to do so. If you want to take off early because you are content with how much you have made, you are also free to do so.

Full-Time Employee

Many IT professionals also choose to take the route of being a full-time employee. Working for an IT company will provide you with some stability in your income. Many freelancers can make a lot of money all at once, but then they might go through a dry spell between customers. If you work for a company full-time, you are going to be able to get a steady paycheck. A lot of people preferred the stability that comes with this type of arrangement.

In addition to getting a stable paycheck, you are going to be able to focus on doing IT work instead of branching out into other areas. When you are a freelancer, you have to worry about marketing, accounts receivable, and bookkeeping. However, when you work for a company, you can focus on doing what you are trained to do. 

Another advantage of working as a full-time employee is the benefits package. When you work on your own, you are not going to get any benefits. As an employee, you will most likely get health insurance, a retirement plan, and paid vacation time.

Making the Choice

If you are one of those people that prefer the stability of a full-time job, the freelance route might not be for you. However, if you like the thought of being able to make as much money as you want and working your own schedule, freelance IT work might be the best choice.