Full-Time vs. Freelance Marketing: Career Potential

Both full-time and freelance marketing careers have potential. If you are trying to decide which path you want to take in your marketing career, here are a few things for you to consider.

Freelance Potential

Being a freelance marketer can provide you with a great deal of potential in your career. Many people do not stop to think about how advantageous it can be to be a freelance marketer. With a freelance position, you are going to be able to work your own hours. You are not going to have someone else set your work schedule for you. You also will be able to be your own boss. You are not going to have to answer to a supervisor or manager everyday. Ultimately, you are going to simply be trying to please your customers. Another great thing about being a freelance marketer is that there are no caps on your income. You can make as little or as much is you want depending on how much you want to work for it. Marketing is a fairly lucrative field and when you work as a freelancer, you will be able to potentially earn a very comfortable living. By working as a freelancer, you are also going to be building up a substantial client base. This means that you will be able to get referrals from your satisfied clients and keep a steady flow of work coming.

Staff Marketer

In marketing, your other option is going to be working in a staff roll. This means that you are going to be working in an office environment and you are going to be working for someone else. Many people prefer to this route because it provides them with some security. They do not have to worry about going out and getting new marketing projects, and they can always expect a paycheck. With this type of role, you are not going to have to worry about doing other things such as collecting bills or finding new clients. You can simply focus on doing what you do best and work on marketing projects. 

Another benefit of working as a staff marketer is that you are going to be able to take advantage of a benefits program. Most employers are going to give you benefits such as a 401(k) plan, health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, flexible spending accounts, and vacation time. When you work for yourself, you are not going to get any of these things.

Choosing between the Options

If you are trying to decide whether to become a full-time staff marketer or a freelance marketer, you are going to have to weigh all of the options and look at your individual situation. If you can handle the uncertainty of not knowing where your next paycheck is coming from, freelance marketing can be very lucrative. However, if you prefer some certainty in your work and benefits, you might want to take the full-time staff marketing route.