Get a promotion from a dealer to a pit supervisor

Casino dealers make on average between and in tokes a day. If you have a financial background, are able to work with numbers and people and are a committed worker, you can move from dealer status to pit supervisor or pit boss within a couple of years.

The pit boss doesn't have to wear the corporate clothing but must dress in a professional manner. If you are interested in this type of casino job, you must be willing to work your way up through the ranks and when appointed as pit supervisor, realize that a few months of the worst night shifts will follow. You must show enthusiasm even as dealer, and let your manager know that you are interested in promotion. You may get a chance of dual management at first and then get promoted to pit boss.

You must be able to handle several tasks at once without getting stressed out. You need excellent people skills and an eye for detail. It entails working with difficult and sometimes dishonest players, and even dealers that cheat at times. You must be loyal to the casino and be able to work with large amounts of cash and to carry a lot of responsibility. The pit supervisor on occasion, trains dealers and needs to motivate them at all times.

The largest benefit is a secure salary and off course some small gifts from clients. You are not allowed to accept cash or tokes. The pit supervisor interacts with clients and has a more flexible work schedule. It is important to get training in gambling or casino management if you are looking for fast promotion to casino manager level.