Getting a job as a snow board instructor

The ski instructor as well as the snowboard instructor can benefit from the outdoor life, assist potential skiers or snowboarders to become professional, and enjoy the sport while working. Despite struggling with slow learners and young kids, you will still have the pleasure of working with more advanced and faster learners. Besides, these jobs are adventurous and have some prestige.

Introduction to ski instructor work
Only a fraction of the skiers or snowboard fans get training from the ski instructor. Even though the job market predictions for this type of work indicate that this teaching job will eventually fade out, the snowboard instructor seems to be popular. Competition in these fields is gaining and for this reason you need to go for as many certificates in training or teaching people how to ski or snowboard as you can. Most ski resorts require certification and experience for these positions and the industry is heavily regulated.

Several ski resorts over recruit in one season because they had hundreds of visitors in the previous season and in other seasons you may find that none of the ski resorts are recruiting. The best way to ensure that you get hired the next year is to outperform other instructors. Apply in advance at the same ski resort where you work for the next season. You are likely to get hired since it is less time consuming and more effective to keep the present staff, than to train a new person in the instruction procedure of the ski resort.

Introduction to snowboard instructor work
You must also comply with the rules and regulations of the ski governing institute and must pass the same training and tests as with the other instruction positions. The method of skiing and the technical details differ. The worker in this teaching post has a great future as teacher since the number of participants in the sport is increasing at a tremendous pace. The wages for both types of instruction is the same. Another difference is the market. Since snowboarding is more popular with children and young adults, your students will fall in these categories and are likely to be novices. You will spend less time on the ski slopes and more on the bunny slopes and will rarely get the chance to teach the advanced techniques.

If you are already a ski instructor, it is best to stay at that since you will get more chances of showing off and teach at advanced levels. If you are new to training, then the snowboard instructor position is the ideal entry point. There are more positions available for this type of instruction since the sport is relatively new and there is less rivalry for the job openings.

In both cases the worker must have good communication skills, love to work with people of all ages and must have a passion for the sport. Certification is required for both, but of all the ski resort jobs, these two have the most potential for promotion and career growth. You can easily go from snowboard instructor, to ski instructor and then ski coach, ski supervisor or manager. You will however need experience and certification. The wages are average but you free ski pass are more used than with other positions.