Getting the Saturday and weekend jobs you want

Be realistic about any job you really want, because you're setting yourself up for a knock back, if you aren't.

You have to ask yourself these tough questions, because the employer will, and you need an answer to them. If you can come up with good, convincing answers that you believe yourself, you're ready to take a shot at getting the job.

How to get the job

Stage 1. Preparation

You have to contact the employer, by phone or using a contact email on the employer's website, and ask for an appointment to discuss getting this job. Explain that you would like some info about the job and some advice about working in the industry. This is a form of 'cold canvassing' with an informational interview thrown in.

Even this phone call or email has to be done properly, so:

  • Make sure you make your inquiry to the right person. Start by saying you want to make an appointment to see the manager. You'll probably be put through to the manager's secretary or PA.
  • Say you want this appointment to get some information about employment in the industry, and some professional advice. You don't actually need to say you're after a job at this stage. Call it 'an informational interview about getting a job.'

(You need to do interviews with people like this manager anyway, and you will get some firsthand information you'll be able to use elsewhere.)

Stage 2. Making your pitch

The appointment is where you can ask if there's a way of getting any good career experience training in the industry, like Saturday or weekend work. If you've made the point you're really keen and have some knowledge, the job is the obvious answer. If not, the manager will have some ideas about how you can get this work. You've made your first big career move.

Remember: You get jobs by using your head.