Getting used to work after college life.

Taking the step from college life to a professional working career can be a very difficult transition for any student. This transition will be one of the most difficult ones that you make your entire life. The fact of the matter is college students are not adapted to a professional work schedule. Making the transition form college life to a professional working career can be eased if you know what you are getting yourself into. Below are some guidelines for helping students make the transition from college life to a professional working career as easy as possible.

  • 1. Time matters! In college most students are used to having classes sporadically throughout the day, or in some cases just in the morning or afternoons. This is not the case in the professional world. The transition from college life to a professional working career is usually difficult on students because they are not used to spending eight hours a day at the office. This can take its toll on ones career over time. Unlike college, if an employee is late for work more than once or twice, that could mean the end of their job. But remember that while it may be hard at first to make this transition that over time you will become accustomed to this lifestyle.
  • 2. You must stay professional in the workplace. Again a lot of students have a hard time with this because they are used to acting like a typical college student. You can not be the company clown, like you could be the class clown. After a couple of jokes gone bad, you will surely be out of a job. Also, you must maintain a professional appearance at all time. This means the end to showing up in sweatpants and your favorite Pink Floyd T-shirt!
  • 3. Some students find that the most difficult transition from college life to a professional career is that finding a job is not always easy. Again, unlike college where you could easily gain admittance to whatever classes you choose, in the working world there is going to be a lot of competition for employment. It pays to stay persistent and never give up.
  • 4. Be prepared for entry level job offers. This is one of the biggest surprises that new graduates face. Because you just graduated from college expect to get entry level job offers. A lot of students come out of college hoping for a six-figure salary. Unfortunately it does not work like that. It takes years of hard work to build yourself up to that position. But don't be discouraged; entry level jobs nowadays are not all that bad!

If you follow these four guidelines your transaction from college life to a professional working career will most certainly be easier. Just remember to stay persistent and work hard!