Golf Course Manager Career Profile

A Golf Course Manager is the person responsible for overall management of a golf course. There are many golf courses they can work on, and the locations can be found all over the world. As a golf course manager, you have to plan, direct, delegate and coordinate all activities related to maintenance of the golf course. You are also responsible for hiring a landscaping professional to maintain the aesthetic value of the golf course. One of the most important skills a manager must have are communication skills since they will meet people from all walks of life. They must also understand the intricacies of the golf world and it's clientele.

Daily Tasks

  • Plan daily activities and show effective utilization of all resources.
  • Supervise the landscaping personnel engaged in the maintenance works.
  • Organize all golf events or tournaments.
  • Plan for expansion or redesigning of the golf course.
  • Plan and place orders for the equipment.
  • Supervise the contracts of the player clubs.
  • Hire and recruit personnel, at all levels.
  • Train new hires and inexperienced employees.
  • Evaluate all employees.
  • Supervise the collection of fees and manage the revenue and maintenance of all financial records.
  • Prepare the budget annually, based on the employer’s policies.
  • Update the knowledge of new principles, practices and procedures in the turf management.


  • An associate’s or bachelor’s degree in hospitality management or human relations field is the minimum requirement. Graduation in Recreational Sports Management or Physical Education or Sports Marketing is also preferred.
  • Certification from the Professional Golf Association and knowledge of golf.
  • Golf playing experience, an amateur, or tournament level is an added advantage.

Work Environment

A golf course manager is usually employed at parks, recreational sports clubs, military recreational clubs, five star hotels with golf courses, health resorts or clubs. As a golf course manager, you have to work on site, which is the golf course. However, a golf course manager is always on the move, moving from one place to another, usually using a golf cart.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has found the median hourly wage of the Golf course manager as $18.99 per hour, in 2008. The net salary is expected to be in the range of $22,000 to $32,000 per year.

Job Outlook

The demand for a golf course manager is on rise because of the growing popularity of the recreational sports industry. The BLS has projected the growth in this golf course manager job to increase by 9 percent before 2014.

Career Advancements

After acquiring considerable expertise in the field, a golf course manager can be promoted to higher management levels. Thus, a manager with the experience golf course management and a management degree will have higher chances of advancement in this field. A golf course manager can also be appointed as Parks Director, Resort Manager, Teaching professional, Training Professional or a Recreation Director.