Health Teacher Career Profile

A health teacher has an important role to play in making the students understand how essential it is to develop health awareness at an early age. The physical training and health lessons the students learn now will shape their physical fitness and future health prospects throughout their life. Many are the health teachers who have had a hand in shaping the character of men/women who attained fame later in their life in various other fields as well as sports.

Health Teacher's Teaching Responsibilities

A health teacher will be teaching the students principles of fitness, health, and other sports activities which will shape their physical performance and foster team spirit. Individual games as well as team games, track events, swimming, cycling and many other games as well as strength training, aerobic exercises, health awareness with proper balanced diet and relaxation techniques etc., form part of a health teacher's syllabus.

Licensed Health Teacher

A degree in health and physical education is generally required to begin a health teacher career. All state public schools demand that the teachers are to be licensed, but private schools may waive that condition. A master's degree may be mandatory subsequently. Some schools demand that they get a degree related to health, fitness and nutrition as well.

Communication Skill Is Essential

Just getting the required degree alone will not make a health teacher successful. A health teacher should be able to communicate effectively both to the students as well as to their parents.  It is his duty to motivate the youngsters and make them realize how important it is to take part in all sports and other extracurricular activities as well as academic lessons. Especially many mentally or physically challenged students and the shy and retiring students get their first break more in the sports arena with an encouraging and understanding health teacher.

Coaching Students

Also the health teacher plays a vital role in teaching what constitutes a healthy diet, right amount of physical exercise to stay physically healthy and mentally alert.  Conducting classes in nutrition, fitness and healthy habits like staying away from drugs etc will help foster healthy students and a healthy community.

A health teacher can start coaching students in a specific sport and may end up coaching students for various levels from inter-school level to even national level if there are exceptional talents available. A health teacher will play an important role in parent-teacher conferences as well in other activities of the school also.

Other than being a health teacher in schools, the other job options available are to work in sport management, health industry - like in hospitals to oversee physiotherapy, special programs for disabled people etc, coaching county/city teams in sports like hockey, football etc. The health teacher can become a personal trainer; start a gym where he can be in charge of special programs tailor made to suit individual needs of customers. A rehabilitation coach is another option.

A good health teacher can become the friend, philosopher and guide to the students shaping their physical and mental well-being transforming the students into great human beings and ideal citizens doing the country proud.