Help for teenagers when writing a resume

You decide to take up a job and you want to do it in a professional, 'grown up' way. You will need to apply for the job then; and for application you will need to have a resume. A resume whether it is a resume for an adult or a resume for teens - it has to contain information that would make the prospective employer want to choose you for the job he/she has in mind. You should always keep in mind when your write a CV or a resume that you are selling yourself. You are he product and you should package yourself so well that the person who reads it should not be able to let you go.

How do you do that? Easy, by highlighting your achievement and fit for the job. This is why it is very important that you customize your resume for each job you are applying for. Enmasse resume printing will not do you any good if you really want to create an impact.

You need to put in the standard matters such as name, address, date of birth, schooling (and be sure you add here if you hold rank in your class), technical training, experience in other job (mention responsibilities and wages - if these are impressive), and your hobbies.

The above is a standard format and be sure that the person you are applying to will get scores of them. Why should he stop at your resume and why should he choose you. Because you will give that extra he is looking for. In order to know what is the 'extra' that he could look for, do your research in the job advertised. Learn what the type of a person is your prospective employer; learn about what others have to say about the job requirement. Your resume should highlight what he wants to see, what he seeks in a candidate. This is why it is important to customize your resume to the job you are applying.

The style of a resume for teens should be neat and simple. Try to have it typed, but if you cannot type it, write it neatly on good paper and do not make any cuts or corrections on it. Check carefully for spelling mistakes and correct language. You may speak imperfect English, but when you write it, it should be correct in all respects.

Do not forget to add two references in your CV. References are great boosters in a resume for teens, as they can vouch for you and sometimes this is so much necessary. When you put the names of the references down in your resume, ensure two critical points:

  • 1.The people whom you name in your resume know that you have used their names as references - otherwise they may be startled when they are asked about you and not answer properly
  • 2.The people whom you use as reference really appreciate you and your work - it would be total murder if they actually do not think too much of you and someone asked them their opinion about you

Last but not the least, unless you are exceptionally good in what you want to take up, do not bargain on the wages. Take the job, do a fantastic job while you are at it, 9 out of 10 the employer will offer you a raise within the first two weeks of employment.