Help teen find jobs and a career


Every teenager has a unique experience. There's nothing quite like it. Every generation of teens, for the last 50 years, has also had a different social environment, different workplace, and different goals.

The teenage years are the entry to the jungle. It's different for everyone, and everyone reacts differently. The jungle is a strange place, full of unknowns, some dangerous, some helpful. It all has to be learned, by everyone, individually, against the backdrop of current life in the real world, which is also no picnic for many teens.

The jungle is tough. It sets its own rules, sometimes no rules. The wild animals come in many different forms, the quicksand is something you have to learn to recognize, and it's pure survivalism all the way.

Then there's the slight distraction of growing up, developing as a human being, and learning to live with that, while trying to find your way through the jungle. It's infuriating, exciting, frustrating, fun… and everything seems to be so slow that it's not moving at all.

Then all you have to do is find a career, figure out how to pay for your qualifications, while trying to live your life, and not wind up as some drab statistic on a spreadsheet.

So you can't tell a teenager what their life is like.

Nobody has the right.

You can, however, try to help, where needed.

Information is useful. Ideas are useful, even if only to tell you what you disagree with, and why.

Every teenager is an explorer. That's unavoidable. There's a lot to explore, and the map keeps changing with every generation. The amount of uncharted territory keeps increasing, too. So some resources, some navigation equipment, and a few survival tips are also required.

This book is a way of looking at the jungle as an asset, not an obstacle course.

It's quite possible to get lost in the trails of thought, and the distractions. Sometimes navigation is a bit difficult, because you don't know where you are. Sometimes it's impossible, even when you do know where you are.

Quite often, you may find yourself wondering why you're where you are, and how you got there.

Welcome to 98% of the human race.

This is where the survival tips come in handy.

There's always something that needs to be checked out beforehand, so life's little surprises don't become real problems. has a lot of teenage members who we know have already had a taste of the jungle.

This is our contribution to your survival kit.