High School Teacher Career Trends

The major issues in high school teacher career trends are based on three fundamental factors:

  • The employment market: This is traditionally a budget based market, in which public and private institutions provide a limited series of options.
  • Motivation: The high school environment, working conditions, workloads, salary issues and locations all affect motivation, sometimes negatively.
  • Technology: New technology is progressively revolutionizing teaching, and opening up new career possibilities. Most importantly, it's forcing the education sector as a whole to change, and impacting the high school teaching environment directly.

This career environment creates a lot of choices, some far preferable to others, for high school teachers. This form of teaching is usually specialized in a particular field, and the mere fact of specialization dictates career moves to a very large degree.

High school teaching can be a particularly demanding work environment, and the workplace culture of some schools can be a major issue. The natural choices for high school teachers are good schools and good career options. Trends in the job market indicate regular large turnover of teachers, which means that job and career mobility are significant employment factors.

Career Options for High School Teachers

There's some very good news for high school teachers on the career front. New methods of teaching and new education concepts are entering the mainstream, and that's creating multiple job and career options:

  • Remote teaching: Distance learning and online teaching are now mainstream teaching career options. The great popularity of these forms of study has been driving the huge surge in the global education industry. That's particularly important for high school teachers, because it also greatly expands the areas and types of employment available. 
  • Tutoring: The oldest of all forms of formal education has come back to life in the ultra-demanding college qualifications environment. This type of teaching is very much on the increase, and is a possible form of both freelancing and regular employment for high school teachers. 
  • Other teaching jobs: The education sector outside the basic school systems is also a potentially far more flexible area of teaching than the purely school based employment market. This area of education is also picking up very rapidly the new education concepts and methods.

This sector includes:

  • Correspondence
  • Adult education
  • Night schools
  • Vocational colleges
  • Community colleges
  • Languages
  • Computer science
  • Trades

Teachers will note that this area also includes several areas of formal qualification in their own special subjects. That element is one of the more career-useful parts of working in this sector. It provides credentials for teaching at a formal level of education, and includes working in an expanding sector of education, which greatly improves job mobility.

Working with New Types of Education

The traditional teaching job is definitely on the way out, and so are many of the old career parameters of the profession. It's now possible to work across multiple areas of teaching. A teacher no longer has to be tied to tenure, or a strictly hierarchical-linear career progression. Those models are now obsolete, and the skills that teach the world no longer have to follow a single career path.