Hospitality jobs on cruise ships

All luxury cruisers endeavor to provide the best there for their passengers; the facilities and amenities available on the ship many times are better than the best on land. Since the cruises can take anything from one month to one year, it is imperative for the shipping companies to fulfill all the needs and more that a person would have in the course of his/her day-to-day life. The ship thus takes the responsibility of providing all the services that normally are required for a high-end consumer. These include beauty parlors, gyms, salons, medical facilities and so on. The ship has to be totally self-contained not only from the entertainment point of view, but also the requirements the high-end users are accustomed to. Hence, the ship will employ high qualified staff to perform these duties the utmost satisfaction of its customers.

The cruise on a ship is usually orchestrated to perfection so as to cater to all the needs that a person has in the course of the cruise duration. The following few lines will briefly describe the service and hospitality jobs that are available with the luxury liners.

This article has endeavored to touch briefly the most popular jobs on the ship and give you an idea of what they involve. If you are serious about getting a job on the ship, then you will have to collect sufficient information on the liners that are available in your area. You should be able to decide first of all whether you would like to work on a large, medium or small liner. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages and unless you know the ship a bit closely, you will not be able to make a good decision.

A wise decision would be to start on a small ship to get your bearing and understand the way of life and general rules of living on a ship, before applying for jobs on large liners where the pressure is very high, but of course, so is the salary.

You will also have to ensure that the job you apply for matches with your personality, more than your qualifications because you will have to live that role for the whole cruise period and unless you love your job in totality, it will become extremely painful.

Having said all that, a last word of advice - before applying for a any job on a ship make sufficient enquiries with employment agencies, friends and on the Net and find out as much as you can about this type of work. Only if you find it comfortable go ahead with the application. Inspite of the glamour and high pay, being alone away from your family and familiar surrounding can become a sore point, unless you deeply enjoy travelling.