Hotel Manager Career Information

A career as a hotel manager can be very rewarding. This profession is anything but boring and requires a variety of skills. This profession is great experience for anyone interested in customer service or sales.

Hotel Industry Jobs

Jobs in the hotel industry cover virtually every area of operations. Hotel receptionists take care of basic booking and billing procedures. Housekeeping staff keep rooms up to speed with demand each day on a rigorous schedule. Hotel food staff ensures that guests are fed up to code. Hotel managers oversee all of these operations. A good way to gain experience for an entry-level hotel manager job is to take a part-time or summer job as a hotel receptionist or night staff during college or university studies.

Hotel Manager Jobs

Hotel manager jobs include a variety of responsibilities. Hotel managers oversee other employees. The day will typically begin by making a schedule for the housekeeping staff and giving instructions to the receptionists. Hotel managers make sure the hotel is making enough and adjust rates accordingly. Hotel manager positions may include travelling to conferences in the hotel industry. Hotel managers make strategic plans, take care of local marketing and advertising and maintain an accurate forecast of the hotel market in their area. Hotel managers may find employment in other sectors of customer service and/or sales due to the diverse experiences they acquire as hotel managers. Graduate study may be preferred by employers in large chains.

Hotel Manager Education

Hotel manager jobs require at least a bachelor's degree. Some positions may require a master's degree in business administration. Hotel industry managers may also be required to have sales or customer service experience prior to hire in the hotel industry. A good way to prepare for a career in as a hotel manager is to obtain a four-year degree in business, accounting or a similar program.

Hotel Manager Skills

Hotel manager careers require quick thinking and good problem solving abilities. Mangers have to oversee multiple tasks at a time in a fast-paced environment as a daily part of this profession. Hotel managers should have a good working knowledge of the city in which the hotel is located so they can instruct tourists and other visitors on where to eat and find other services. Hotel managers also have to keep up with the going nightly rate for different types of rooms in their location to remain competitive. Hotel managers need to have good communication skills, since they will be interacting with people on a daily basis and often training new employees. In cities with a lot of foreign tourists or visitors and/or non-native English speakers, hotel managers may need to learn a second language to best serve their customers.

Hotel Manager Advancement

Hotel managers will likely receive higher pay with a graduate degree in business administration or a similar field. Hotel managers may advance to become executive officers of lodging corporations. Hotel managers may also choose to apply their knowledge, training, skills and education to start their own hotel business. Hotel managers who wish to do so should have a good background in accounting.