How do I find a job in Pro Baseball ?

By Michael Rosenthal

At some point in time, you will be ready to go out and start looking for and applying for that career job that you decided was the one for you. It's time to start searching the sports jobs posting sites. By now, You've either finished your education or you're about to. You've managed to get some job experience during the summers and breaks from school. So you're ready to attack the job market. What do you do first?

Focus on creating those powerful selling sheets --- your resume and a cover letter. It is the one thing you need to do before you ever approach any employers and it needs to hit them right between the eyes hard enough that they want to invite you into their office for an interview. I've always said that the most powerful resume you can compose is a single sample I recommend that you look at these links for a resume or samples:

Always remember one word while you search for that special job --- PROFESSIONALISM. Once you start entering your information at a sports jobs posting site, you?ll notice that they always ask for keywords or a descriptive line that will guide tentative employers to your resume. Here's an example of what I mean: 'College Graduate seeking career in sportswriting'

When you are composing your resume, always include these key points:

  • Qualifications (length of time spent acquiring your experience, no matter how long)
  • Work Experience (a list of all the jobs You've had including your current one)
  • Skills (such as computer proficiency, leadership traits, etc.)
  • Education (all the schools You've attended, degrees acquired, and graduation dates)
  • References (both job and personal)

When you are searching through the dozens of sports jobs posting sites, you will notice that even Career Builder and Monster shows up in your search for baseball careers. I did about an hours worth of research and searching the web, and the following sites looked the most appealing as far as ones that actually cater to people searching for a career in baseball. It's a good start, and no doubt, through your searching, you are bound to find many more. Here are the sites and their links:

  • Baseball Jobs
  • Baseball News
  • Jobs in Sports
  • Work in Sports
  • Worldwide Baseball Prospects

You will find (as I did) that the more professional looking sites have the most to offer you. Most of these charge a fee, but they are very good sources to investigate.

So the three steps you need to take to get started are:

  • prepare your resume
  • compose a cover letter
  • post those cover letters and resumes at sports jobs posting sites

Good luck in your search.