How do I get a job as a Pop Star?

Part 2 - How to become a Pop Star ? I am not in a band

If you want to be a pop star you need a few things going in your favour, an ability to sing, play an instrument, dance and look good. Then you need a bucket load of good luck, as it is NOT an easy industry to succeed in, as the competition is fierce. Being a pop star becomes all the harder if you are a lone performer and not in a band.

You can hope to be the one in a million that makes it via pop Idol, X Factor etc or you can join a band or form your own band and try the long hard way to make it to the top! It all depends on how serious you are as a singer/musician or if your main motivation is to be famous and a star. If something is worth having then it's worth working hard for. Many apparent ?Instant hits? in the pop world will tell you they have been around for years, rehearsing, gigging, busking! Just because they seem to burst onto our music scene does not mean they were an instant success.

How do I get on Pop Idol?

If you want to find out more about entering American Pop Idol check out the shows site here for all the information you need:
The rules for entering the competition are here:
Be sure you read them thoroughly if you want to enter!

How do I join a band?

You can check your local papers and music magazines for advertisements of bands who are holding auditions or you could place your own Ad saying you want to form a band, and outline the type of music you intend to play etc.

Local rehearsal studios are also a good place to find bands as they often have band members lurking around. You can show up and see if anyone is recruiting. There will also be websites that advertise on behalf of bands that you can check out.

If you want to be successful within an existing band you need to make sure you like the music the band is playing and that you can get along with the band members. If you're going to be touring and going on the road at some point you need to have some sort of working relationship with your band members as you?ll be living practically on top of each other for what can be long stretches at a time. You don't need to be best mates but helps if you can tolerate each other!

There are a few advantages to joining an established band and that generally relates to how much work you have to do in setting yourselves up and gaining exposure. Established bands will hopefully have already done most the work!
You don't need to worry about finding an agent/manager etc. The gigs and musical direction will have already been taken care of and all you have to do is show up for rehearsals and gigs.

The disadvantages of joining an existing band are that you may need to learn their songs and get up to speed in less time than you feel comfortable with. Also from a creative point of view, you may find yourself limited as a lot of the roles will already be allocated and you may not be allowed much say in what is sung and how etc.

Organizing your own band enables you to have more control of the type of music that you play and overall band direction. But this can involve a lot of hard work and will need a lot of thought before you proceed. Make sure you know exactly the type of musicians you want and advertise accordingly.