How do I get a job on Reality TV?

I want to be on Reality TV!

You've seen ordinary people leave their hum drum 9-5 lives and swap it for red carpet film premiers, celebrity parties and designer clothes. Reality TV stars are springing up all over the place, dominating our screens our lives and compelling us to watch them, to want to read about them and to be them. You want some of that action. You want to be famous and this seems like an easy way to fame.

Not so. For all the reality TV participants that do maintain their celebrity status for a while after leaving their reality TV shows, many do not. It really is just 15 minutes of fame and then back to their regular lives. Which may not seem all that fulfilling after they've had a taste of celebrity.

Then there is the downside of having your private live and that of friends and family dragged through the newspapers. Be prepared to go public if you want to get into reality TV!

How do I find Reality TV Shows That Are Casting?

First consider the many types of reality TV shows you've seen and try to decide what type of show you might like to appear on. There are literally hundreds casting so narrow the fields down to applying for ones you have a genuine interest in being part of!

You may enjoy the drama and rows of certain reality TV shows or you may prefer the more subdued peaceful ones, let me know which ones they are! Also bear in mind the vast difference between watching TV rows and being in the middle of them.

Most networks post advertisements for the shows they are casting so you don't need to sign up to agencies or companies that claim to find you castings or worse charge you a fee for them to do so! If you search the web for ''reality TV castings'' then add your location (country or major city) you will find a list of things that are current and past. The network websites will tell you what the show is about, the type of reality TV contestants they are looking for and how you should apply. Often this involves submitting some sort of videotape and an audition.

Here are some network casting pages

  • ABC casting
  • NBC casting
  • CBS casting
  • MTV casting
  • TLC casting

How do I apply to be in a reality TV show?

Every show has its own individual application process. Application processes may consist of one or more of the following:

Stage 1

  • Attend an open casting call
  • Forward an application
  • Forward a videotape.
  • Contact a casting agent by phone or email.

Reality TV Casting Directors like to know a lot about their contestants so you will often be asked to complete a lengthy questionnaire asking yourself about anything from family history to favorite foods and pet hates.

Stage 2

If you made it through stage 1 you may have to then undergo the following:

  • A background check.
  • Medical questionnaire/health check or medical
Producers need to know you are in excellent mental and physical health .

How do I make a video for my reality TV application?

The most important thing about your videotape is that you stand out from the crowd! They will have literally thousands of tapes to go through so you need to make yours as individual and unique as possible. The producers for the show ''The Apprentice say: 'Take us on a tour of your life and show us what separates you from all of the others.'

What qualities do I need to be in Reality TV?

Each show will be looking for something different, but one thing you need is flexibility and to be able to drop your life at a moments notice to participate in the shows schedule.

Don't try to be someone you're not as the truth will come out! Either in the media or infront of the camera. Any pretence you try to uphold will eventually drop and you?ll lose favour with the public for trying to fool them. Be yourself!