How teens can find Seasonal Jobs.

Seasonal jobs are a boon for the teenagers who constantly seek avenues to earn some pocket money. These seasonal jobs are good, pay higher than the regular jobs and they teach you many things not only professionally but also on a personal level. While you are at it, there is a good chance that you may like to make this job a permanent fixture in your life. It is good to think like that because that makes you dedicated to the job that you are doing ' and that is the key to be successful.

But let us tackle first things first. How do you land seasonal jobs first of all? You need to be sharp for this. First of all do your homework. A week or two before the season make thorough round in your neighborhood checking out the possibility of the seasonal vacancy needed. The people with whom you will be in touch will be surprised and impressed at the pains you are taking to land the job. This itself shows that you a serious worker and an achiever.

Be prepared to be interviewed on the spot for the seasonal jobs' so practice before you go on this errand on routine questions that people would ask when they would want to engage you, such as your school rank, your skills, your experience, your free time and be sure to know at least two or three people whose names you can refer for checking your credentials. Avoid naming your relatives. The school principal, teacher of ex-employers is good choices for this, as seasonal jobs require.

Nine out of ten you will land a job much before the season starts with this approach. But let us think you could not do this and the season is here ' you want seasonal jobs then you check out the local classifieds, roam around your neighborhood where the seasonal influx of people demand more effort and check the places out. You may go prepared with a resume which has all the information required for the employer, but you can also be ready for the spot run over. Seasonal jobs are sometimes easier to land than the regular ones.

For seasonal jobs another good place to look is your own school - many schools now tie up with locals to promote summer/ seasonal jobs for the school children. If they do not have this facility, then try the local placement agencies.

Once you have one of the seasonal jobs available ' and you plan to convert it to a permanent one ' you ensure that you become indispensable. How do you do that? Easy ' with an exceptionally positive attitude. The following points will help you:

  • Do your job jealously without being prodded from the back.
  • Learn quickly and behave independently (do not ask for each and everything as this can be very tedious).
  • Always come up with solutions not problems.
  • Do not gossip or idle around; in case you have free time volunteer to help somewhere else ' and do it with a smile and genuine interest.
  • Do not be too money oriented (don't haggle too much on the wages).
  • Be responsible in your task and highly dependable.
  • Learn as much as you can

All the best!