How to Become a Beautician

Many women want to become a beautician.  Before becoming one they need to understand the duties and responsibilities of a beautician. This is great job option for many. Besides being a lucrative field, this is emotionally rewarding as well, helping people to look their best and feeling good with more self-confidence.

The Job: Facial treatments, hair-care like cutting, tinting and perming etc, shaping/coloring eyebrows, manicure, pedicure and applying makeup for special events and other skin-care treatments etc are some of the duties of a beautician. Other services include face/body massaging, and hair removal along with advising the clients on latest beauty trends and beauty products/services available in the market.

Basic Educational/Training Requirement:  A sixth form certificate or NCEA 2 science and English at school level and/or a vocational school course in cosmetology followed by training in a beauty school for NZQA- approved and internationally recognized qualifications will be of help. National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences website can help in choosing an accredited institute.  Whatever the training and wherever it is done, a beautician has to pass the state-board testing for getting a license by undergoing written and practical exams. Also the license has to be renewed periodically by acquiring additional education credits by doing short courses to update the knowledge/skill etc.

Essential Skills: To become a successful beautician, along with the necessary training, one needs to have a host of other skills as well.  Communication skill, time and people management skills, along with well-mannered and courteous behavior towards the clients will be essential. A flair for applying makeup and a thorough knowledge of various beauty treatments, massage techniques, pedicure, manicure skills and a good knowledge of human anatomy and its works along with skin and nail health will be necessary.

Personal Traits: A beautician has to look well-dressed, neat and smart-looking at work. She/he has to be always polite, punctual and professional in her/his approach. When interacting closely with the clients, it is imperative that the beautician is patient and accommodating, inspiring the clients' trust and have good rapport with them. She/he must take an interest in the latest beauty trends and products to be knowledgeable enough to advise clients when required.

Job Opportunities: Once training over, one can acquire on-job additional skills through an apprenticeship in a beauty salon for 2-3 years. Alternatively you can join a department stores, beauty salons, health spas and hotels to work as beautician offering advice and demonstrating to clients about various beauty products, treatments etc.  Giving group demonstration for a particular product, providing personalized services to regular and elite customers will be part of job. Once you acquire confidence and good skills, it will be easy to start ultimately your own saloon. Another option is to have a touring salon providing all premier beauty services to people at home.

Job Prospects: Career advancement is excellent given the world-wide interest in looking beautiful. Though it is a physically demanding job, with a $12 to $15 an hour, along with tips, it is a lucrative job. Getting trained for extra skills like laser therapy, electrolysis, and other such advanced treatments will enhance your business and it can be more rewarding as you get a more exclusive clientele.