How to Become a Community College Instructor

If you've always loved teaching something new to someone then you may be wondering how to become a community college instructor. Community college teachers have the advantage of being able to help students of all ages learn a new skill, continue their education, obtain a degree through the variety of courses they may teach. Community college professors are academic instructors or technical instructors that bring their expertise and their own education to the classroom in order to help others. Before you choose to become a community college instructor, here are some skills and qualifications you'll need to get you started.

Educational Requirements of College Instructors

As a community college teacher, you need to have a degree plus at least two years experience in the course or field you want to teach. Many community colleges recommend a degree that is at least one level above the degrees your students are achieving. For that reason, many community college instructors have a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Depending on your area, you may find that different requirements are necessary to become a community college instructor.

Work Experience Requirements of College Instructors

Teaching in your industry or field of expertise is what most community colleges prefer. If you're teaching a class on journalism, it should be understood that you're field of expertise includes a Master's Degree in Journalism, you've spent some time as an editor for a newspaper or print publication or are a published author. Each one of these attributes goes towards your level of knowledge and ability to teach a class successfully.

Qualities and Skills of the Community College Instructor

A successful community college instructor will have a number of attributes that will work to his or success as a teacher. Being personable, good organizational skills, and motivation are all valuable in teaching. Being able to relate well to students and other faculty members will make your jobs that much easier and more enjoyable for the people taking your class. In addition, being a lifelong learner and coming up with new inventive ways of delivering the lessons will help you become a successful college instructor.

Duties of the College Instructor

Teaching requires organizing materials, tests, quizzes and other administrative tasks. It's vital that you be able to maintain good records. Of course you can teach and be disorganized but your ability to organize and manage the class well will make your job as a community college teacher easier. A community college instructor who cares little about the topic he or she is teaching will be hard pressed to get the class excited and motivated. Show up, be enthusiastic, and care about what you want your students to learn. This may not be an easy task with every subject you could find yourself teaching but it is important to the success of your class and in being a good teacher.