How to Become a Cosmetology Teacher

How does someone become a Cosmetology Teacher? This is a rarely asked question. So many people want to be cosmetologist's. Why not make it at a long term goal to be a teacher of cosmetology? With so many people interested in this field of work (each one needing a license to practice) it is obvious that cosmetology teachers are recession free...right? What does it take to be a cosmetology professor or instructor? "Do I need prior work experience?" "How much will I make?" If these types of questions are unanswered in your well of knowledge, you have come to the right place!

Education and Training

First and foremost, teaching is the impartation of knowledge without the pain of the failure. The teacher has usually already made the mistakes so that you don't have to. It's true, someone today has a bald spot because of an unrecognized law of cosmetology. This could have all been avoided if only you were there to teach them not to keep the perm in so long! What must you can legally teach others how to avoid this mistake? Every state has different requirements but the general prerequisites are fairly common. 

You must first become a protege yourself. In order to be a teacher of cosmetology to others, you must receive your initial license to practice from the state yourself. Don't expect to be accepted to any cosmetology school without your high school diploma or GED. Also, most states demand you be 18 years of age or a legal adult before attending school. If you meet these requirements, locate your nearest school and get to work. Regardless of what you know from first hand experience, a license is will unlock all doors taking you one step closer towards your dream of imparting knowledge to others. Comprehensive licensing can range from $3,000-$10,000 depending on your state.

Now that you are licensed, prepare to get some real world experience. A techer can not convince others without experiencing the end result himself. Cosmetology is no exception! You are required to apply your newly acquired knowledge for at least 6 months in a licensed salon. One full year of experience is recommended because there is no need to rush your career. Who knows what extra life altering information will come with patience? Another prerequisite to becoming a teacher is 1,000 hours of Cosmetology training on theosteps, you should be able to pass the licensing exam with flying colors, although you are only required to score 75% or a C+ on your exam. Was that a sigh of relief? 

You Passed the test!

Congratulations on passing your test! Time to request your final application for your license to teach ($20-$30). The state will tell you the required size of the photo you must submit. You will have to renew your license roughly every 2 years. License renewal ranges from $50 to $100 depending on your state. Congratulations on your new career.