How to Become a Dance Teacher

In order to become a dance teacher, you do not require any specific educational qualifications. You just have to complete your training as a dancer. Undergoing training as an instructor and then finding a suitable job is all that is required. You may specialize in any form of dance. The options available ranges from the classical ballet to any hip hop dancing.

Desired Qualifications

  • Recognition of the dance form, where you would like to build your expertise in. You have options like Ballroom, Salsa, Tango and many others.
  • Practice the dance genre that you have chosen. This can be done by reading books and watching videos and imitating them.
  • Observe and remember the dance lessons given by your instructor during your training.
  • Gain admission to an art college or a dance academy. The Boyer College of Music and Julliard School are two prime universities in America for dancers.
  • Take active participation in various dance competitions and shows. As a dance teacher, you will be evaluated on the basis of any accomplishments in this field.

Basic Tasks

As a dance teacher, you must be able to communicate effectively. You not only have to show your students the dance steps, but also give an explanation for the same. The basic tasks you have to perform as a dance teacher are:

  • Conduct dance classes at various locations.
  • Build expertise in one or two dance categories.
  • Learn new dance and choreography techniques.
  • Promote your dance academy and conduct dance competitions.
  • Teach musical rhythm to students.
  • Demonstrate and provide explanation for the various dance steps and techniques.
  • Advise students on prevention of injury while dancing.
  • Make a choice of the music, effects or narration that accompanies the dance steps.
  • Teach your students the new dance steps and review the old ones.
  • Manage the dance school along with other activities like costume design and arrangement of special recitals.
  • Show readiness to travel in case of any competitions or auditions.

Career Opportunities and Advancement

As a dance teacher, you have the option of working at various places. You may work at a dance school and train the students in dance forms like ballet, jazz, folk or any other. You may also join a company and provide dance lessons. Working independently or on contract is also a viable option. You may even work in a particular studio, gymnasium or a community center. The works hours tend to be long and often require teaching on weekends or in the evenings. With experience, you may choose to become a choreographer or start your own dance company. Becoming an actor, writer or trainer will also be some of the options available.

Additional Qualities

The ultimate goal of a dance teacher is to communicate effectively through the medium of dance. The qualities that you need to posses are:

  • Readiness to work for long hours.
  • Considering the body limits of the variety of dancers.
  • Developing good communication skills.
  • Have a sound understanding of the dancing techniques and movements.

Motivating the students and making them feel proud of their dance accomplishments, is a cherished quality in a dance teacher.