How to Become a Fashion Buyer

Someone who desires to become a fashion buyer must understand that this is not an especially glamorous position but instead a responsible one that involves deciding what a business should sell at any given point in time. Fashion buyers must be capable of conducting extensive studies to ascertain customer preferences, their earlier buying trends and what are they likely to buy in the future.

Although fashion buying is certainly an exciting profession, the job demands strong analytical skills. In short, the entire business fortune of a fashion organization depends on the moves made by a fashion buyer.

How to Become a Fashion Buyer?

Test Your Aptitude

The obvious first step would be to test your aptitude for a fashion buying career. Self-evaluate your capabilities to determine major trends and assess how accurate your fashion sense is. If you are fully convinced that you can be successful as a fashion buyer, take the plunge.

Study Different Fashion Merchandising Programs

It is essential to do a bit of pre-study to know the different fashion merchandising programs offered by various institutions and to verify which ones are better recognized by the fashion industry. It may be easier to gain admission into a prestigious accredited institution if you are armed with a university degree. And the better qualified you are, the greater your chances of succeeding in the industry are.

Successfully complete your fashion program and seize internship opportunities at well-known boutiques or leading department stores. Quite often, these will be arranged by the institution where you study, as part of the curriculum.

Apply for Jobs

Prepare a well-worded resume and an impressive list of references before applying for buyer's jobs. It will be worthwhile to find out the likelihood of obtaining permanent positions where you do your internship. Start applying for jobs at various shops and boutiques–being less mindful of the initial emoluments and more focused on gaining some meaningful professional experience.

Look for available positions with department stores and retail outlets. In today’s computer age, the Internet will be extremely resourceful for finding out about job openings--apart from those listed in newspapers. In addition, you can also directly approach prospective employers and provide an unsolicited copy of your resume. If your attempt is multi-pronged, you have a better chance of landing a suitable job fast.


A fashion buyer has to assume ultimate responsibility for the products that the company sells. Fashion buyers should be in a position to make the right choices, keeping in mind the ever-changing fashion trends, the budget constraints and the projected profits. Fashion buyers will be required to maintain good rapport with suppliers to ensure prompt delivery of materials and to skillfully negotiate for the right price.

A complete understanding of the fashion industry is critically important for anyone who wants to succeed as a fashion buyer. Armed with the necessary qualifications, acceptable levels of efficiency, a passion for the profession and the will to succeed, a fashion buyer can rise up to senior positions in a matter of a few years.