How to Become a Fashion Consultant

In order to become a fashion consultant, you must be ambitious and aggressive. Fashion makeovers are becoming more popular so consultants are in much more demand. Fashionable statements with stylish clothes is becoming more mainstream.


A fashion consultant will require a degree or diploma in fashion design. If the degree is from a top-notch institute, your image is taken a step further. You will be required to have extensive knowledge of fabrics, garment design and the ability to convert your clients' needs into actual garments. You can be a consultant with or without a degree or diploma as well. The career path starts as sales associates and goes up from there. In order to become a freelance independent celebrity fashion or image consultant and stylist, you can work from scratch and network for success.

Knowledge and Work

A fashion consultant should have a strong fashion and color sense, knowledge of latest fashion trends, high-end designer wear, knowledge of brand-name retailers, knowledge of accessories, lingerie, hairstyle and makeup to suit the lifestyle, taste and habits of the client. All of the aforementioned skills are required to ensure a makeover is a complete success.

Also, they should be friendly, tactful, poised, well-mannered, with great oral communication skills as well as effortless presentation skills. They must be ready to travel and work weekends or anytime to suit the clients' needs.

Career Start-up

Fashion consultants start their career mostly in top-notch department stores and then become fashion consultants. They can take up freelance consulting locally by placing ads and helping friends to gain experience and expertise. They will also need to build up a portfolio. You can build your reputation by conducting workshops for local colleges or for underprivileged clients. Ultimately, they work to create and nurture a personal clientele and work exclusively for them.

As an independent fashion consultant and stylist, they meet the clients and discuss what they need on a day-to-day basis and organize clothes and accessories to suit a variety of occasions. Some of the most common are business events, social events, personal scenarios like weddings, public events. In addition, after major life changes a consultant can help someone get back on their feet. The most common situation are after childbirth or a severe illness.

They can work with large corporations to exclusively for designing promotional outfits, conducting seminars etc to educate employees proper professional dress code. Another option is to become a personal shopper. If you work for a top-notch designer store, you can help to decide what to stock for the coming season and assess the clientele's tastes and demands.

Your Personal Style

Since a person's outward appearance has so much impact on others, a fashion consultant plays a major role in creating and enhancing a stylish distinct image to suit their physical attributes and their life style, their profession and personality. When their clients are happier after seeing them, the fashion consultants can feel happy about a job well-done.