How to Become a Fashion Designer

If you've had your eye on the fashion world and always wear clothes that seem ahead of the fashion trends, knowing how to become a fashion designer might be the career move you're looking for. Clothing and accessories have the power to make people feel good about themselves and be comfortable. There is significant job satisfaction knowing you're designing what the world could be wearing as a professional fashion designer. Here are some things you should know about a career in fashion.

Educational and Training Requirements to Become a Fashion Designer

While many fashion designers may say that you don't necessarily require formal training or education; a large number of companies are beginning to require that your fashion designer education includes a degree that has a focus on the fine arts. Students concentrate on earning an Associates or Bachelor's degree in design, fine arts, and fashion to complete their fashion designer education. While it seems like you'll focus on design and design concepts, you will also need a strong understanding of math, physics, human anatomy, marketing and business. A fashion designer career isn't only creating amazing clothing, it's also about running a business and knowing how to market your fashions.

Required Skills of the Professional Fashion Designer

Despite what you might see on reality television shows where the materials and fashion theme are provided for participants, a fashion designer career requires that you have sharp decision making skills, strong communication skills and be a team player. Fashion designers must also have excellent research skills and visualization skills in order to interpret fashion trends and discover what people will wear in the next season based on what was "IN" or fashionable in seasons past. Because a fashion designer may work as part of a team or large company, it's imperative that they be able to communicate effectively.

What Fashion Designers Do

Everything that you see in a store was created by a fashion designer; right down to the shoes and socks on your feet. Therefore, while you might think that only the very successful fashion designer careers are had in New York or Paris, don't rule out the number of clothing and apparel companies that are looking for the right fashion designers to create the apparel you'll purchase in some of your favorite stores. Fashion designers may hold a number of positions within a clothing company; from supervising a team of future designers to working with manufactures and fabric suppliers. The competition for a high profile is fierce and only a small percentage of fashion designers find their careers being made in one of the fashion cities of the world. Instead, you may find that you start out creating fashion for the general market.

Important Considerations of Becoming a Fashion Designer

The world of fashion is exciting and face paced. It's important not to underestimate the importance of a fashion designer career. It is through a fashion designer's eyes that clothing is made comfortable yet fashionable. They may design clothes for top models or for children but their experience with art, design, and creativity is highly regarded.