How to Become a Fashion Stylist

To become a fashion stylist is the ambition of many young men and women who have a passion for beauty, style and fashion. This is one of the high-paying exciting professions with a chance at limelight, glamor and public recognition. It is very rewarding in that you bring out the best in people and make them feel good and look good.

Understand Job Requirements:

As a good fashion stylist, you should be able to expertly create unique clothes and accessories - with the help of art and science - that portray the clients' personality and style most favorably and fashionably. You will be generally responsible for meetings with clients to decide on clients' needs/desires, their wardrobes, sourcing the materials etc, trying out fittings, hunting for accessories and get the final products ready, checking for clients' satisfaction. If you are part of a TV/commercial shooting team, you may have more responsibility like procuring garments, accessories and all those other props needed for the shoot and ultimately returning them also.

Know About Educational Qualifications:

A fashion stylist will need a 2-year associate degree/4-year bachelor's degree in fashion designing, art merchandising/fashion merchandising.  A license in cosmetology may be necessary in some areas. An apprenticeship under recognized fashion stylists or an internship at one of the fashion magazines/beauty salons as intern-stylist will hone the native creativity, artistic talents and help develop an expert eye for fashion and style.

Focus on Career Development:

Once qualified, it is best to gain experience by taking an apprenticeship in the fashion schools or small boutiques where hands-on practical experience is possible and then proceed on to big salons/magazines/cosmetic firms etc.  It is very important to build an excellent fashion portfolio to show-case your creativity and talent. Practical job experience and networking will bring in more clientele once you start working on your own.

Search Job Opportunities:

Fashion stylist, celebrity stylist and personal stylist/image consultant are other career branching that can be explored.  In the initial stages of the career, there may be job openings at a theater/film sets, TV studios, advertising firms, modeling ramps, concert/music halls. But creating a distinct and unique style and developing a personal and loyal clientele will be essential to start own business forged with good networking.

Consider Job Outlook:

Due to the evolving high interest in beauty and fashion the world over, it is very rewarding financially as well as emotionally to be a fashion stylist. Certainly it is physically demanding and stressful at times as well as a highly competitive and challenging field; but the opportunities are plenty with a very promising pay package - like $150-$200/ day to ultimately $100,000/annum.

Tips for a Successful Career:

  • Create an excellent portfolio.
  • Build and cherish your clientele.
  • Keep high standards of work.
  • Develop networking skills; word of mouth is the best advertisement.
  • Develop communication skills, interpersonal skills as well as business skills.
  • Be knowledgeable about latest fashions/changing trends.
  • Keep the deadline at all costs.
  • Customer satisfaction is of supreme importance.

With an excellent style sense and in-depth fashion knowledge, you can become a popular and renowned fashion stylist and have a financially secure and rewarding career.