How to Become a Fitness Instructor

Becoming a fitness instructor is a great option. Many experts agree that this is a job with a great growth potential because many people want to become fit. There is an increasing awareness of the need to become fit and stay fit all over the world. As a fitness instructor you can guide groups or individuals to become fit, and stay fit. Another advantage of becoming a fitness instructor is that you do not have to pay for gym membership. This in itself can lead to substantial savings in your annual budget.

Online Courses for Becoming Fitness Instructor

There are many courses that offer training to enable you to become a fitness instructor. Search for fitness associations that offer certificate and diploma courses. They have online as well as contact classes. The online courses are best if you have a work or study schedule that is demanding. Many universities also offer online and on campus physical education courses.

You will not be required to have a license to be a fitness instructor. However, you do need a good certification from a reliable organization. Talk to potential employers and check out which certification they prefer you to have and work toward earning that diploma.

What kind of Fitness Instructor You want to Become

You will also have to decide what kind of fitness instructor you want to be. Choose a field where you already have at least some experience. For instance, if you have been practicing yoga for a year or so, decide to become a yoga instructor. Before you get your certification, check that there is a demand for yoga instructors in your neighborhood.

Good Health is Must for a Fitness Instructor

You need to be in good health to do the exercises and talk and instruct as you do them. This does not necessarily mean that you have to have the perfect figure. Some potential students find it intimidating if the instructor is too perfect. However, you will be required to be fit enough to do the exercises repetitively.

You will need to know the correct way of doing the exercises as well as have a knowledge of which exercises help tone which muscles. Read up on all the literature available about a particular exercise routine, so that you are not caught unaware by questions your group asks you.

Challenges You Face

If you plan on becoming a personal fitness instructor, the challenges are greater. Apart from knowing the basic exercises, you will need to know a lot about nutrition as well. You will need to give advice to your clients about the food they should eat and also establish a personalized exercise regimen to meet the particular concerns of your client. The challenge, however, is one that pays well.

Whether you are taking a group class or an individual class, confirm that the students have consulted a doctor before starting an exercise program. Also, check if they have the insurance coverage for any injuries sustained during the exercise program. If you work for a gym, the amount you get paid will depend on the number of people taking your class. If you are good and a many people take your class, you can make a lot of money.