How to Become a Hospital Secretary

A hospital secretary plays a vital role in the recording duties and inpatient management in any hospital. A hospital secretary is referred to as medical administrative assistant in some places. Ideally a hospital secretary is employed in a clinic, doctor’s office and hospital or multi-specialty health care centers. The duties of a hospital secretary vary but the basic duties can be official or involve medical correspondence, the transcription of the physician’s notes, admission procedures of the patients, preparation of bills and patients’ database management.

Steps to Become a Hospital Secretary

  • A high school graduation and a minimum age of 18 years are the minimum requirements for this job. Though any formal education is not a prerequisite some larger firms prefer to employ only specially trained personnel in this position.
  • There are accredited hospital secretary courses available which can train you in various specialty fields which are not available in conventional secretary courses. An associate degree program is a two year program at the end of which a successful student is awarded the Associate of Applied Science in Medical Administrative Assistant.

                * Modules like Medical Terminology, Medical Transcription, Medical Office Procedures, Medical Billing and Coding,                        Anatomy and Physiology and Keyboarding are available.

                * You can join for all modules or choose one or two if this is your choice as per the requirement. But each
                   higher level of module has certain prerequisites which need to be completed before attempting to surpass it.

  • Locate the health facilities in your locality and acquire details of their operations and the facilities provided. With the help of the Internet or newspapers you can obtain information regarding when these organizations have any openings. Hospitaljobsonline is one of the best resources to rely for searching jobs in Hospital Administration, allied health jobs, nursing jobs or physicians’ jobs. Its web address is
  • Work on your computer techniques and typing speed as it is an essential part of this job.  Few of the hospitals specify the software used in their organization but you will have to learn this software once you have started.
  • Also work on your interpersonal skills because as a hospital secretary you are going to make an impression about the health care provider in the minds of the patients and the people who walk in.
  • Acquire certifications like the Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) or Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) by continuing your education. These will help you to progress in the career.

Types of Hospital Secretary Jobs

A graduate in a hospital secretary program can obtain opportunities like staff secretary, medical assistants, medical secretaries, medical transcriptionist and medical insurance coding and billing. If you begin as a medical assistant you can advance to higher positions with the acquisition of new skills and experience. The salary varies with the qualification, experience, positions and employer size. The average salary of the Hospital Secretary is $26,500 whereas the Medical and Health Service Managers earn on average around $88,000.

Last Word

Health care services do not become affected even in recession, so there will be no decline in the opportunities of the hospital secretary. If you love to work in a hospital environment, love to assist patients, have excellent administrative, organizational and interpersonal skills then this could be the route you should consider.