How to Become a Jeweler

How does one become a Jeweler in a competitive market? The jewelry you own was either designed, manufactured, repaired appraised or bought by a jeweler at some point or another. There are three types of Jewelers:

1. A Factory Jeweler

2.A Retail Jeweler

3. A Self-Employed Jeweler

In order to be successful as a jeweler you must have passion and persistence. For those of who have extreme confidence in their long term success, I actually recommend setting a goal of becoming a sole proprietor or high level executive in your future. In order to be successful it is absolutely imperative that you learn to repair jewelery as well. Jewelers who can repair watches and bracelets with missing links and re-size rings can easily earn an extra $15,000 a year! In general, a common local jeweler can make around $28,000. If you are reading this article, you have a passion and desire but lack the knowledge of what to do next. This is the article for you.

Education and Training

The best and most common way to become a jeweler is to submit to the mentor-ship of an experienced jeweler. This is where you will invest time in mastering the art of repair and design. These learning years are crucial to your success.  If you desire more formal education, there are special four year colleges of arts and home study courses which will teach you every aspect of this trade. When all of this is said and done you should have the skills to apply to a design studio of your choice! In times past, people used to do sketches with paper and pencil. In this digital world you will be taught to use computer aided design or CAD. A good starting point is You will learn molding and casting skills at any school you choose. Your goal is to become a certified Master Jeweler which will set you back about $45,000. You can apply for a student loan as with any other school. Many schools also offer their own financing programs within. 

Important Success SECRET

Many websites say it is impossible to get in the door of a jewelry store without prior work experience. I beg to differ! The way to find a job in this field is to apply as a polisher. Once you get your foot in the door polishing, begin to pay attention, ask the boss for books he has lying around and most importantly ask questions. Serve your coworkers and make friends. Remember that all of these people have the information that you need and are willing to give it to you if you remain personable and teachable. After becoming the number one polisher, you will graduate to ring sizing. Remember that all great jewelers started out with the basics and worked their way up the ladder! It is truly wise to begin your career this way and after a year or so, look into a good school for yourself. Make sure you love what you do before you accept the debt. Good luck!