How to become a journalist covering the American Football Legaue

If you love to write and you have a good working knowledge of professional football, then maybe you should consider a journalism job in the NFL. Sports journalism is at the least an exciting field to be employed in only because you are confronted with tons of new topics and stories every day. Though pro football is seasonal in that the season and the playoffs only last from September through January, there is oftentimes a lot of content that is written during the off-season as well.

It’s interesting to note that there are actually two avenues of sports journalism that you can pursue. You can write the regular reporting type column or article. Basically you recap a game or event, or possibly interview one of the stars of the game. Or, you can become an investigative journalist trying to solve issues or mysteries for lack of better words. In so many words you’d be performing what I like to call detective journalism.

The fact that pro sports have had their impact as a global business has given way to this type of journalism. Journalism jobs in the NFL are no exception and the monetary impact of major sponsorships for world events such as the Olympics and World Cup has attracted the attention of investigative journalists. You can bet that with the latest bombshell in Major League Baseball (the Mitchell Report on steroids) that it has attracted investigative journalists like ants to a picnic.

The forte of the investigative journalist is the expose or scandal. It is their driving force, their mantra. And nothing will stop them from uncovering all the dirt they can come up with. Oftentimes though, this type of journalist gets elevated to hero status when all their efforts result in something that impacts the sports world positively. So investigative journalism can have its good side as well. It’s not always yellow journalism for the sake of selling newspapers.

Obviously the goal for the person who pursues a journalism job in the NFL is to eventually have a column in a big newspaper or a syndicated column. Many of the NFL team sites offer journalism internships as an entry level start to get you on the path of a pro football journalism job. Don’t forget that with opportunities developing every day in internet media that your journalism skills could equate to a position as a website content writer also.

Understand that this type of job doesn’t come along every day, and when you get an opportunity to perform it better be to the highest level possible. To get anywhere in this type of career you will have to be more creative and talented than the next person if you expect to make it. Getting or having a degree in journalism is a plus as most job listings require it. So if you have any intention of getting a journalism job in the NFL, count on doing some serious class time first.

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