How to Become a Management Consultant

A Management Consultant (MC) is also called a Management Analyst in many organizations. If you have considerable experience in implementing new IT infrastructure in large organizations, you are eligible to become a MC with any of the management consultancies that are in the market today. A MC helps their clients troubleshoot issues and problems that are encountered while launching a new product, initiating new marketing strategies, implementing new Human Resource (HR) policies, setting up new businesses, instituting new operational changes and many more business functions critical to a business.  

MCs can work in large management consultancies, with governmental agencies or in boutique firms, which either concentrate on one particular area or on number of areas. The latest trends suggest that large organizations prefer boutique or small management consultancies, which specialize in one particular area.  

Steps to become a Management Consultant

  • There are various management career categories, such as business strategy, manufacturing and business services, HR, financial and management controls, information technology, and environmental and quality management.
  • If you want to kick off your career as a MC without working in a particular field for number of years, then obtaining an MBA is the only option because large management consultancies recruit trainees directly from campuses to infuse new talent.
  • If you have a considerable amount of experience in a particular field, then you can approach management consultancies and present yourself as a MC and possibly intern with them before you become a team member.
  • During the internship program, you should become acquainted with problem diagnosis techniques under the supervision of an experienced consultant.
  • You must be able to communicate clearly with accurate and precise analysis of underlining problems and above all, remember to protect the interests of the clients.
  • You can also work for other non-profit organizations to obtain experience as a MC.
  • You should have excellent written and presentation skills.
  • You should have an ability to cope with many different types of people and work with them as a team.
  • You should also be self-motivated, an intellectual with emotional maturity.

Educational Requirements

An aspiring MC needs a bachelor's degree. This is standard. An MBA shines on all resumes in this sector but it is normally not required at the outset. Furthermore, it is not mandatory to obtain a certificate to become a MC. But, if you are certified it can put you a notch above someone else on the pedestal in the eyes of some government departments.

Key Interview Notes

  • Obtain leadership training.
  • Sharpen that resume. Have a friend proofread it.
  • Search for position using all means available. Apply to positions that appeal to you.
  • Always prepare for the interview with prepared answers.
  • Think about personal hardships, volunteer activities and have an example when you showed you were a team player.
  • Dress appropriately for the interview and be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  • After the interview, send the interviewees a follow-up email.