How to Become a Plumber

Plumbing is not easy work. To become a plumber takes self motivation and a certain grit that is not involved in the white collar sector. Make no mistake, this is a hands on job and your hands will get dirty. But as you move from an apprentice to a journeyman, the salary increases and one’s clout in the industry moves in proportion to their experience. A journeyman plumber can make up to $48,000 which is actually pretty typical. But before you start to see dollar signs, there is a lot to do before you reach this threshold.


You need to work as an apprentice for three years before you can apply for your plumbing license. After you are eligible, you can apply for this license and to take the exam. There are also stipulations. For example, your experience cannot come from self starter projects or side jobs. Your 3 years must have been under the guidance and leadership of a master plumber. On top of this, you have to have completed at least 300 hours of plumbing theory.

Age Requirements

You need to be 18 years of age or older to satisfy the demands issued above. Also, you need to have passed the test before you can apply for your certification. So you cannot apply for the certificate one day after the test if you are not cognizant on what the test results are.

Anything Else?

During those 3 years of initial plumbing work, you should have gradually increased your plumbing IQ. The first several months you were probably given a short leash and scrutinized constantly. As time progressed, you probably built up a little trust with your master plumber. As a result, you had a little more free will. By the end of the 3 years, you should be able to work independently, without reckless abandon, but rather with a sound strategy and stable consistency. In other words, what needs to be done on a jobsite should be rather routine.  

You will need to be able to comprehend plumbing literature. Furthermore, technical building plans are something you need to be able to decipher. You need to be able to gauge how much a job will cost according to that situation. Forming a decent price is something all master plumbers can do with acumen.

All plumbers should know basic math and contain average coordination. All apprentices will have to verify they know how to operate hand and power tools which are essential for almost every plumbing job.

Plumbers need to have basic communication skills. How can you talk to homeowners or contractors if you cannot have a self sustaining or successful conversation?

Plumbers should be physically healthy with the capability of lifting a moderate amount of weight.

A Bright Future

This may seem overwhelming but do not give up. Not any necessary or crucial position is simple to obtain. Hollywood may praise lawyers, but in the nonfiction world, society certainly needs plumbers. You should be ready to pass the test after three years of being an apprentice. The pay scale is sensible and the vacant positions are not retreating.