How to Become a Project Manager

The job of a program manager is to coordinate activities and directions within different professions. With the development of technology, advancement, workers and our daily hectic lives - somebody is needed to sort out the logistics and solve any problems.

Job Description

A project manager's first task is planning the scope of the work that needs to be done. This may involve identifying steps that need to be completed and estimated how long they're going to take. For a computer program, a project manager might need to identify 10 different steps which may take a total of 1000 hours and time. Once this project comes under way, project managers interact with their staff work team members.

They ensure that there is a spirit of teamwork and that the environment is comfortable and accomodating. They also determine the responsibility of each person and what they're going to do in order to complete a task successfully. This helps by overlapping the same work and ensures that all required work will be completed on time and efficiently.

Project managers working in the Information Technology  (IT) industry are usually employed by computer software companies. Some work as independent contractors while others might work in management consultant groups on a contract basis in order to keep track of projects. People in this career usually work in offices but they may also be needed to travel to support the clients. The hours usually depend on the number of projects. A typical work week is around 40 hours, but if there is a grueling workload, you may work from 45 to 60 hours a week.

Education and Training

Project managers come from a different variety of backgrounds, but most usually start as computer programmers or system analysts. Education requirements for programmers and analysts vary, but those planning to come into this position need strong management skills. This type of work also requires that you have a bachelors degree in science, software engineering or business management. Formal project management training is usually recommended.

Many colleges and universities offer project management certificate programs, and universities may offer degrees in project management or business or administration departments. Many employers prefer to hire private managers that are certified by the Project Management Association. In order to qualify for this as a candidate, he must need education requirements and have experience, and also passed the written exam.

Suggested Qualifications

You should have strong technical knowledge to be working with technology throughout this position. You should also have good and strong organizational, communication and initiative skills. You must be able to work well with many different people and also motivate teams to work. You must be good at understanding and finding solutions to problems and also dealing with clients and other individuals in this field who may work alongside you in order to get a task done. You never know what's going to happen in this position as you don't know what project you might working on, depending on the place you work at so always be prepared when working in this field.