How to Become a Publisher

If you love books and working with books, you could potentially become a publisher. Becoming a publisher is no easy task as you need to have money, contacts, preferably an education in English, and experience working with a publisher. If you have some of these qualities and are willing to work toward acquiring the rest, then a career in publishing is right for you. It can provide you with a steady source of income and give you a creative outlet as well.

Choose Your Field

The first step to becoming a publisher is to choose your field. Decide if you want to publish books, magazines, or newspapers. Once you have this clear in your mind, decide what the subject matter of the publication will be. You can choose among academic books and magazines, novels or fiction, poetry, science, current affairs, or any genre of your interest.

Learn about the Field

Read a lot of books and journals on your area of interest. This way you will be able to spot a winner and reject a loser more easily. The more you know about the chosen field of publication the better it is for you.

Intern with a Publishing House

Take up a job with a reputed publishing house. Learn all the ropes of the business inside out. Try to work in as many divisions as possible in the publishing house. Even if you start at the bottom of the ladder, you will pick up a lot of information. Work your way up by showing dedication and enthusiasm.


Attend seminars and conferences. Get to know author agents and authors themselves. You also need to become familiar with a few good editors, designers, and other professionals in the publishing field. Learn which printers will do small printing jobs for you.

Legal Aspects

A publisher needs to be legally responsible for the content published under their name. Get the services of a good lawyer who will vet your copy for you. You should also gradually learn what is legally permissible to print and what is not.


You need a lot of money to become a publisher. You need to acquire content, pay professions, get the printing done, and market your products. If you are starting a magazine you need contacts to get you advertisements to help you sustain your venture.

Web Publishing

In case you are planning on entering the web publishing domain, you still need most of the contacts and experience listed earlier. However, instead of a printer, you will need the services of a good web host. Get a web designer to design your site and make it easily navigable. The key is that readers should be able to easily find the information that they want. You can get revenue from ads placed on your web site. You need to keep updating the information on your web site so that you get both new and repeat visitors to your web site.

As is evident from the discussion, you need money and skills to become a publisher. If you aim to become a publisher get yourself a graduate degree either in the field of your interest or in English. Read a lot and obtain work experience with a publisher. You also need great people skills in order to be able to interact both with your staff and with authors.