How to Become a Recruiter

There are plenty of job advertisements today offering people the chance to learn how to become a recruiter, which is a very lucrative career. Recruiters are key in matching up qualified candidates with exciting careers at organizations around the globe. As more and more companies expand, the demand for skilled candidates also increases, which creates more openings for high-performing recruiters. If you are considering getting involved with becoming a recruiter, here are some tips to help you achieve that goal.

Get the Right Education

In order to compete as a professional recruiter, its important that you get the educational foundation that’s best suited to this vocation. At the very least, a degree or certificate in Business Administration or Human Resources is a general requirement that recruiters need to be successful in this field. If possible, future recruiters should aim for a 4-year college degree program with an emphasis on business and employment practices, sales and marketing, communication and international trade. This will provide you with a well-rounded exposure to the world of business, the types of clients you will be working with and the demands of the recruiting career.

Get to Know the Industries of Your Future Clients

Once you have achieved your educational goals, the next step in becoming a skilled recruiter is to get to know the industries better for the clients you hope to work for. For many recruiters, this is critical in being able to understand the unique challenges and needs that will enable more favorable recruiting efforts in the future. While some recruiters focus on general business clients, many specialize in industrial, government, educational, military or other areas of recruiting. In order to be better accepted by clients and earn credibility, it’s important to focus on the areas that interest you the most and where you can excel when recruiting candidates.

Take an Interest in Employment Laws and Networks

One of the best ways to become engaged in recruiting work is to get involved in employment related organizations that promote and protect the rights of employers and workers alike. The more you know about the employment world, employment laws and the processes that go on behind the scenes, the more prepared you will be as a recruiter. Learn what makes a good candidate, what skills or keywords to look for on resumes and how to interview people correctly. Network with regional businesses at local events and get your name out there as an expert in recruiting.

Get an Entry Level Staffing or Recruiting Job

Before you decide if recruiting is for you, apply for and take an entry level job with a staffing company or a recruiting firm. Take time to go through any training offered and find a senior recruiter to act as a mentor so that you have the support and guidance needed to be successful in this field. Over time, you will gain confidence as a recruiter and may decide to become an independent recruiter or start your own recruiting company. Remember, being a recruiting takes a lot of hard work and perseverance, but the benefits and earnings make this career well worth the effort.