How to Become a School Principal

Almost every kind of school, whether it be a public or secondary institution, has some kind of school principal. If you’ve ever been sent to principals office, you would most likely noticed that principals often deal with misbehaving children. However, principals have more responsibility than just dealing with the bad students.

Job description

One of the main duties of a school principal is to organize and maintain their school by providing a direction to the teachers and students. For example, they assign teachers to which classrooms they’re going to be teaching in. They also determine class size, and decide when and where the class will happen. Principals also make sure that the teachers perform to educational standards which are set out by the state or school board they reside in. They review the material that is being taught and work with teachers to develop new ways of teaching.

Principals also help guide teachers through feedback, standards and goals. They also deal with the schools janitors, counselors and secretaries. Depending on what their job entails, they may also be responsible for hiring, and firing teachers. They are also responsible for preparing the budgets for their schools and also deciding how much money should be spent. Schools may often employ one or more vice principals along with the regular principal. Vice principals perform the same tasks, except they made you with more administrative duties. Both the principal and vice principal may teach classes, depending in school they work at.

Education and training

Before becoming a principal, you need to spend a number of working years as a teacher any elementary, middle or high school. Teachers are hired to usually have a bachelor of education degree and also need a state teaching certificate. These qualifications can be earning different ways, depending on the state you reside in. Usually, you complete a bachelor’s degree through university which takes 3 to 4 years of study and also attend a teachers college to obtain your bachelors education.

Some schools do allow you to enroll in a four or five year bachelor of education program straight out of high school. And some of these cases, you may need to complete one to two years of the bachelors degree. For the next three years, you study education in addition to continuing your regular studies. At the end of the third year, you receive your bachelors education and your teaching certificate. Keep in mind these requirements vary by state and you should look into this before attending any school.

You will need at least five years of experience as a teacher in order to become a principal or Vice Principal. In some states, you may have had a personal certificate but this is usually not required.

Suggested qualifications

It is important to remember that in order to become a principal you need to have great innovation, ordination and good teaching skills. You are going to be a leader of the school and you’ll need to have this mutation and recommendations skills. You need to be able to solve problems and to make smart decisions.