How to Become a Security Consultant

It is the responsibility of the security consultant to provide security to individuals, business enterprises, commercial establishments, factories, retail outlets and many more business types. To succeed as a security consultant, you will require a professional certificate backed by a few years of meaningful experience as a full-time security head for a reputed company. It may also be useful for you to possess a university degree. Here is a step by step procedure to become a security consultant.

Step1: Obtain a Degree

The first step for you is to obtain a bachelor's degree in any stream of study from a recognized university. Possessing a university degree makes you eligible to acquire certification courses. If you do not want any certification courses, then compensate it with additional years of work experience.

Step2: Course Research

You should research the Internet to identify an accredited course that leads to an industry-recognized certificate to start a career as a security consultant. You can visit the website of the International Association of Professional Security Consultants to gather relevant and authentic information.

Step3: Challenging Job Position

After successfully passing the certification program, seek some senior job positions that demand a greater level of responsibility. With this you will reach the threshold of becoming a security consultant.

Step4: Upgrade Skills

Decide to continually upgrade your professional skills and also attempt gaining new proficiencies. If you have the confidence and the necessary entrepreneurial spirit, you can as well consider launching your own independent security consulting business.

Step5: Gain Work Experience

You should gain work experience at entry-level jobs, in a reputed security establishment. You should obtain a letter of endorsement, from your employer that details your positive contributions to strengthen security at your place of employment. It will be further helpful if you had risen to positions of responsibility while being in employment.

Step6: Know Other Requirements

Most importantly, you should have a clean record and no history of any crimes or illegal acts. If you have any blemishes, you should first take steps to have them expunged by the appropriate authorities. In order to acquire certified security consultant status you will not be required to pay any statutory levies. However, as a Certified Consultant, you will have to renew your certification every year. There are yearly renewal fees that will be required. During renewal time, you should resubmit your documents for re-verification and further endorsement.

Why Certify?

A certified consultant offers guarantees about your credibility. Certified Consultants are preferred by many customers. The time, money and efforts you invest in getting a certificate will be rewarded because you will receive many more projects and contracts.  A certification tells an employer that you are notch above, because you have invested in yourself and are serious about what you do.