How to Become a Surgical Nurse

When you are considering how to become a surgical nurse, you are thinking about the work of a trained health care professional who provides all kinds of assistance during a surgery. As a surgical nurse, it is your responsibility to prepare the operating room (OR) before the surgery in all aspects, handle the surgical tools during the surgery and make quick decisions regarding the welfare of the patient before, during or after the surgery in consultation with the physician. At times, it might be necessary to be completely involved in the treatment procedures of patients. Surgical nurses can fall into the following two categories:

  • Circulating nurses–help in maintaining the comfort and overall safety of the OR.
  • Scrub nurses–assist in providing tools for the surgery.

Surgical nurses are employed by clinics, hospitals and various other medical institutions. As the job role involves working in close association with patients and physicians, you must be ready to work for long, irregular hours.

Becoming a surgical nurse could prove to be difficult, considering the competition in the field. However, by following the guidelines given below, you can attain this goal.

Admission to Nursing School

Gaining admission in a nursing school is the first step towards becoming a surgical nurse. This process can be difficult. Many candidates fail to succeed in their first attempts, owing to the competition. This makes perseverance an important quality to succeed in this field. To make your chances brighter in this field, you can take advanced classes at the undergraduate level after graduating high school with good scores in science and mathematics.

Classes at Nursing School

The classes in nursing schools train the candidate in all aspects of the profession. It is of significant importance to maintain a certain level of GPA and clear all the necessary examinations to advance in the course. Involving yourself in activities like conferences and publishing academic papers would give you an added advantage. Consider this 4-year degree as a basis for the entire career and devote as much time and energy as possible to becoming a skilled nurse.

Continuing Education

After completion of a bachelor’s degree, it is necessary to pass the certification exam to become a registered nurse. The procedures for this certification vary from state to state. After becoming a registered nurse, you will need further education to get trained in the sub-specialty. Enroll in a course that offers hands-on experience in being a surgical nurse. It is important to complete this course successfully, as it is a prerequisite in obtaining a license as a surgical nurse.

Hone Your skills

To become a successful surgical nurse, apart from completing the formal education, it is important for you to acquire various other skills. As this profession involves dealing with patients, strong communication skills, tolerance and decision making capability are required. In addition, try to gain as much knowledge as possible in various types of surgical procedures to become more dependable in the workplace.

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