How to Become an Aircraft Electrician

If you choose to become an aircraft electrician, you would have to ensure the maintenance and repair of the electrical systems on aircrafts. Your primary responsibilities would involve supervision, inspection and maintenance of the aircraft electrical systems. You would look into the electrical systems like the landing gear, lighting, pilot instruments and the ignition systems.

Prerequisites for an Aircraft Electrician

  • You need to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test. You need to get a minimum score of 105 in the mechanical maintenance (MM) category of the test.
  • You should obtain a physical demands rating. It is the analysis of the results of physical demand, for assessing the physical work requirements. The strength requirement should fall in the “very heavy” category.
  • You also need to have normal color vision.

Training for an Aircraft Electrician

In order to learn about the intricate systems of the aircraft, you need to undergo a specialized training. It is similar to that offered in the military.

  • The training is a combination of classroom and on-the job instruction.
  • The training program covers topics like electricity theory, blueprint reading, soldering and troubleshooting. The maintenance of systems and knowledge of instruments like altimeters, tachometers and others are also covered.
  • You are required to learn about various electronic components like diodes, resistors, capacitors and transistors.
  • Topics like aerodynamics and Brunelli’s principle to lift are also subjects of focus. 

Once the training is successfully completed, you are qualified for a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) license. This permits you to get work on the aircraft power plants. However, you need to undergo additional training for getting work on an airframe.

Responsibilities of an Aircraft Electrician

The electrical systems within the aircraft would be your responsibility. You would need to perform tasks that include these:

  • Installing and maintaining all the electrical systems.
  • Troubleshooting any issues within the system.
  • Taking safety measures and ensuring the systems are in proper order.
  • Using equipment to test the electrical systems.
  • Analyzing the electrical diagrams and keeping a maintenance record. 

Job Opportunities

The armed services of the federal government offer many aircraft electrician jobs. You can also look for opportunities with aircraft manufacturers, companies providing aircraft maintenance, commercial airlines or similar organizations. You can search for the job of an aircraft electrician on As of early 2010, you can expect to earn $18 to $24 per hour, and your salary should rise in proportion to your knowledge, experience, clout, worth ethic and a little luck.

Tips to Become an Aircraft Electrician

  • You need to keep yourself physically fit and have good eyesight and eye-hand coordination.
  • Your knowledge of electricity and its various components should be strong.
  • Mathematics should be one of your key strengths.
  • You must avoid the use of narcotics or any other controlled substance entirely.