How to Become an Aircraft Inspector

An aircraft inspector is responsible, as the job title suggests, for inspecting aircraft. All the inspections of repairs, modifications and overhauls are to be done by the aircraft inspector. As an aircraft inspector, you have to ensure the safety of airplanes by conducting various standard tests. You have to ensure that all the components are safe and working together properly.

Educational Requirements

  • As an aircraft inspector, you need to possess good mechanical knowledge. While you are in high school, your major subjects of focus should be math and physics.
  • You should either obtain a degree in aircraft maintenance or work as an apprentice.
  • Gain experience as an aircraft mechanic. Preferable duration for the same is two to five years.
  • Obtain a technical degree in an aircraft maintenance engineering program.
  • Get an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's (AME) license. Different aircraft have different licensing requirements.
  • Select a field in which you would like to specialize. You can also opt for various types of aircraft, like propeller airplanes, single engine places,  aircraft carriers or helicopters.

Job Opportunities

Large and small airlines and aircraft operators invariably hire aircraft inspectors. Aircraft manufacturers and maintenance and overhaul establishments are the ones who create most of the job opportunities. You can also look for jobs at flight training schools and companies that maintain their own aircraft. Also, there are many opportunities in the public service domain and with educational and research institutions that have aircraft of their own. You can obtain more information about aircraft inspector positions on Generally, the employment of aircraft inspectors is concentrated in metropolitan cites or on military bases.

Skills Required

As you would be responsible for approving the flight worthiness of an aircraft, you should possess skills such as these:

  • sound troubleshooting skills, along with a scientific and mathematical bent of mind;
  • excellent communication skills, as you need to work in a team;
  • good coordination skills for maintenance of a safe and collective product; and
  • the ability to work with the highest ethical standards, since you are responsible for the safety of travelers.

Tips for Becoming an Aircraft Inspector

  • You must have a thorough understanding of the equipment in the aircraft. Understanding the workings of various technical and mechanical components is a must.
  • You must develop an eye for detail. You have to be perfect when it comes to paperwork. You must judiciously complete all the aircraft forms.
  • You should have knowledge of various repair techniques, safety regulations and work practices.
  • You should be open for traveling and relocation if the need arises. This will also help you advance in your career.
  • You must posses a strong ethical code. The safety of those who fly in the planes that you inspect is your responsibility.

Career Advancement

There is great opportunity for advancement in this career. You can advance to management positions or also work with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). You can also opt for sales representative positions in the various aeronautical companies.