How to Become an Aircraft Mechanic

Aircraft mechanics perform routine maintenance and are required to repair aircraft. They must complete the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) before any aircraft decides to take off. Trained professionals are needed in order to keep and maintain every aircraft in the best operating condition to ensure the safety of our passengers and crew.


Aircraft mechanics are mechanics that specialize in maintenance and repair of aircraft machines. Some focus on preventative maintenance by inspecting the engines of aircraft's, instruments, landing gear, accessories, pressured areas and other parts of the aircraft. They also perform the necessary repairs and replace parts needed.

They also keep records on all aircraft and are responsible to carry out inspections according to a schedule. A finalized schedule is based on the amount of hours that aircraft has been in-flight, the number of days since its last inspection, operating cycle and a combination of key issues. Some aircraft mechanics focus on repairs and identity and fix the problems that are described by pilots. All aircraft mechanics work as quickly as possible in order to get the aircraft back on tract in a timely way, but also ensure that all safety regulations are met.

Education and training

Many aircraft mechanics complete their training through the FAA certified schools. Some schools offer two and four-year degrees in aviation maintenance management or mechanical technology. All FAA certified programs offer at least 1900 class hours better focus and a variety of subjects in order for students to learn all the essential skills that are needed for the job.

Aircraft mechanics must have strong background in electronics and they must constantly improve her skills in order to stay up-to-date with all technological advances in their field. Aircraft mechanics can become certified airframes powerplants but they must pass the NCAA certified examination. To keep their certifications current, they need to complete an overall 16 hours of training, every 24 months as required.

Job prospects

Employment of aircraft mechanics is expected to grow as fast as 10% by the 2016. An increasing population and passenger traffic and expanding economy will drive growth for this position. Job prospects are expected to be very favorable especially for those people who have completed a training program. Job openings are expected to rise for the need to replace aircraft mechanics that retire or leave the field for other reasons.


As of July 2009, most aircraft mechanics earned annual salaries of somewhere around $65,080 per year. The highest 10% earned salaries of more than $90,000 per yea. A career as an aircraft mechanic is a good choice for people who have interest in aircraft functions and operations. Aircraft mechanics must have high level of mechanical ability and self-motivation, dedication, hard-working and must be able to identify and resolve complex technical issues with a number of hours or minutes.