How to Become an Aircraft Sheet Metal Mechanic

If you are interested in becoming an aircraft sheet metal mechanic, you will be responsible for maintaining the worthiness and integrity of the aircraft. You will have to fabricate, assemble, repair and install sheet metal equipments. Having good knowledge of the physical properties of sheet metal is a must. Being acquainted with tools and equipment used in sheet metal trade is vital. Knowledge of shop principles and mathematics is also useful.

Educational Requirements

To become a skilled aircraft metal sheet mechanic, it takes 5 years of classroom and on job training.The classroom education and training would involve activities such as:

  • Pursuing subjects like algebra, geometry, mechanical drawing, physics and blue print reading when in the high school.
  • Getting a contract job that would provide training on the job.
  • Starting as an assistant or intern and working with experienced workers.
  • Learning about materials, tools and its uses while working in a metal shop.
  • Learning to operate machines that cut or bend the metals.
  • Learning how to install the machines.
  • Receiving further formal training by attending vocational or trade schools.
  • Joining apprenticeship programs that provide combination of both classroom instruction and paid on job training.

While working as an apprentice, you must be more than 18 years old and satisfy the local requirements. At training, you would acquire the appropriate knowledge of both sheet metal installation and fabrication.

Training and Certifications

The training covers subjects of mathematics, machines, measurements and drafting. The training program of sheet metal mechanic enables you to effectively acquire the skills to master this profession and have a successfull aviation career. The training covers:

  • Sharpening of skills in sheet metal process, safety and other such areas.
  • How to read and analyze a shop drawing.
  • Calculation of basic shop mathematical problems.
  • Description of sheet metal formation.
  • Gaining exposure in metal cutting tools and machines like drills, saws, grinding wheels and others.

Job Opportunities

As an aircraft sheet metal mechanic, being abreast with new technological developments is essential. Depending on the experience gained during training, there are more opportunities for this wonderful position. Software knowledge is always an added advantage. Further information related to jobs as an aircraft sheet metal mechanic is available on

Tips for this Career

  • Having good communication and language skills is important.
  • Ability to understand documents related to safety rules and technical manuals.
  • Corresponding and writing routine reports.
  • Ability to perform mathematical operations in all units of measurements.
  • Being adept at solving practical problems and application of variables in standardized limited situations.
  • Developing skills essential to perform job functions like grasping, performing repetitive movements and other activities.
  • Being physically fit to lift, push or pull heavy objects.
  • Enhancing vision abilities like depth perception, close vision and focus adjustment.