How to Become an Astronaut

An astronaut is a person who is trained to command a spacecraft. To put it simply, an astronaut is an individual who travels into space. Earlier, astronauts were completed sponsored by the government but towards the 21st century, commercial astronauts came into existence. In the United States, the government confers astronaut wings to the astronauts who travel a certain distance above the earth. To become an astronaut, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is the place to be.

Education Requirements

An astronaut is a person who needs quality time to better understand space exploration. Not any individual can gain admission into the prestigious institute. The basic requirement for getting admission in NASA is an engineering degree in aeronautics from a U.S. university or some other prestigious one. Usually, the NASA scientists and employees posses accolades in the field of space research and a military background. It is a popular misconception that anyone possessing aeronautical engineering degree can be picked up by NASA. Since it is a government-run body, terms and conditions for the qualifications follow the Spartan order. A PhD degree in the field of thermal and electrical engineering can also work.

Basically, NASA conducts state-level examinations selecting a few promising candidates. It is not necessary that NASA is the final destination as there are institutes like The National AeroSpace Training and Research (NASTAR), Philadelphia. They also have a training course for the sub-orbital scientist training course. The program includes classroom instruction, an overview of the commercial spacecraft industries and training in the altitude chamber followed by launch and landing accelerations. The program focuses on the physical and mental fitness of the candidates to keep them alert and prepared for all contingencies.

Regarding NASA, constant quality research with productive results is the main key. NASA has a strange way of conferring its promising researchers with medals and outstanding accolades. A researcher may also be conferred to sport the U.S. Army uniform. The highest accolade is the Congressional Space Medal of Honor to astronauts who have gone above and beyond. The NASA Distinguished Service Medal is given to the National Aeronautics Space Foundation in Florida for its amazing research.

Career Advice

The career of an astronaut requires a lot of quality research and persistence. Keep your aim clear as to which department, you wish to join. NASA is basically a government-owned organization with private companies supporting the mission. Streams are wider especially with the inclusion of space medicine, ozone depletion and earth sciences. For an astronaut, it is highly important to occupy knowledge about global warming and space exploration. With more research in the field of space medicine occurring, the possibilities for astronauts have stretched further.

The astronauts are taught to perform ultrasound scans under the guidance of the remote sensors in space. Even candidates with biology and medicinal backgrounds can become astronauts. Usually, senior researchers recommended by their guides in the respective universities are hired for this coveted liberty. So, the astronaut is not only confined to space engineering. They also have shot in the field of bio-medicine keeping in mind the space medicine scenario.