How to Become an Auditor

Even in the toughest economic times, you can become an auditor. It is possible to study from home while working part time. Becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a good career move that will insure you against the ups and downs of the economy. All companies need auditors to monitor their financial records. Companies employ internal auditors who work with the books and data provided by the company. In addition there are external auditors and consultants who work from outside a company.

It is the auditor’s responsibility to ensure that a company complies with state and federal requirements regarding the financials of a company. The auditor is responsible for helping the company pay required taxes and licensing fees as required by state law.

Skills Required

Since an auditor essentially crunches numbers, you will need be familiar with numbers. A high level of knowledge of algebra and accounting will help you to become a good auditor. As an auditor you will be responsible for verifying a wide variety of facts and figures regarding insurance, payroll, pensions, taxes, benefits and so on. You will be required to be honest, trustworthy, organized and unafraid of numbers and what they stand for. You also need to get involved with the business whose accounts you are auditing. Familiarity with the business you are auditing will help you understand the numbers better, thereby adding value to your inputs to the organization.

Communication skills will also be required in order to communicate your findings in both the written and verbal formats. An auditor has to be able to translate the numbers into words for both top management and stake holders such as share owners. An auditor also needs to be familiar with the tax laws of the state and federal governments to ensure compliance with them.

Educational Qualifications

One needs at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting or business administration with specialization in accounting to become an auditor. Many firms require an auditor to have a master’s degree in one of these subjects. Auditors also need to pass examinations such as the CPA. Most states require this as a minimum qualification for an auditor. Once you qualify you can stay abreast of developments in your field by attending seminars and conferences.

Apart from the conventional colleges and business schools, many online business schools offer a courses in auditing or accounting. Take one of these while working as an accounts assistant or in an auditor’s office to get yourself a head start in this career.


Auditors start off with a pay of around $4,000 a month. This increases gradually with experience. There are many openings for auditors and many more jobs are expected to open up for them as the time goes by.