How to Become an Exercise Physiologist

Becoming an exercise physiologist can provide you with a great career with good opportunities for the future. The process of becoming an exercise physiologist entails a lot of study and hard work. Here are the basics of how to become an exercise physiologist.


In order to successfully become an exercise physiologist, you will have to obtain a bachelors degree in Exercise Science. Many places will hire you with simply a bachelors degree. However, other jobs might require you to have a Masters degree in this field. Many people that want to get into this field actually start preparing for it in high school. They can do this by taking advanced biology courses that provide them with dual college credit. This gives them a head start on the college program that lies ahead. When choosing a school, you should look for a college program that is backed by the American Society for Exercise Physiologists. Future employers will look for this type of program on your resume.

During the education process, you will have to study a variety of different topics. You will have to become proficient in biology, anatomy, sports nutrition, exercise physiology, psychophysiology, statistics, and kinesiology.


After college, many aspiring exercise physiologists attempts to further their learning through on-the-job training. This can be done by successfully getting an internship with an exercise physiologists. Many exercise physiologists that work for large hospitals, will take on interns in order to teach them and get some help with their responsibilities. While an internship is not required to become an exercise physiologist, it can definitely help your chances of landing a job in the future.


After college, in order to start practicing as an exercise physiologist, you will have to get the proper license. There are two main types of certification that you can get in order to become an exercise physiologist. You can take the Exercise Physiologist Certification that is administered by the American Society for Exercise Physiologists. Another option that you might have is to get certified by the American College of Sports Medicine or ACSM. Regardless of which option you choose, you will have to pass an exam before you can start practicing.

Personal Interaction

Working as an exercise physiologist will entail a great deal of personal interaction. You will work with patients on a daily basis. This will require that you be able to form relationships with them in order to accomplish your goals. Therefore, before getting into this field, you need to make sure that you feel comfortable dealing with the public. Any job that deals with customer service or public relations can help you in preparing for this job. You will also learn about how to handle interactions with patients during your internship. Carefully watch the experienced exercise physiologist that you are training under in order to see how they handle certain situations. Ultimately, developing people skills can go a long way towards your success in the industry.