How to Become an Interior Architect

Interior Architects (IAs) are professionals who design the interior of a building in an aesthetic manner. They should increase the function, allure and satisfaction of the interior of a building. IAs have to design and arrange the various aspects of the interior so that they are appealing, functional and meet all safety standards. The plan must be compliant using interior design protocols and the principles of architecture. In order to complete their work, they should have an understanding about how space, colors, scale, lighting and furnishings change the appearance of the interior of a building. They should also possess an ability to alter the mood in a given room by incorporating any or all of these aspects and concepts.

Daily Tasks

  • IAs must be able to read and decipher building plans and be cognizant about construction permits because they need to know what can and cannot be realigned when designing an interior. Therefore, IAs must be familiar with three dimensional structures, construction materials and methods.
  • They should also be able to decode the building plans precisely and accurately so that they can decide about making the required structural changes in an economical way.
  • Their nature of work requires them to be in constant touch with their clients. They have to work in teams, with engineers, plumbers, electricians, and other construction workers and experts in their respected fields. So, they have to have affective communication skills, leadership ability, and amazing listening traits, be presentable in manner and cordial with others.
  • Interior Architects should also have the acumen to manage the budget of a project and complete it within the promised or agreed deadline.

Required Skills

  • IAs should be adept in drafting and art.
  • They should have a good grasp of colors, moods, design and the ability to understand the personal space of people.
  • A keen interest in matching the expectations of their customers.
  • Ability to draft a design of an indoor space that is not only appealing but also useful, with technical provisions, such as heating, plumbing and cooling systems.
  • The depiction must be compliant with the safety standards to take into account emergency situations, like earthquakes or fires.

Steps to become an Interior Architect

A bachelor’s degree in architecture or interior design (five year program) is usually required for this career choice. Choose a college with an accreditation from Foundation of Interior Design Education and Research (FIDER). However, if you are a graduate in any other subject, complete a training program accredited by FIDER. These training programs must include training in architecture, computer and traditional drawing, construction technologies, interior designing, aesthetics and other soft skills.

It is also a good idea to attend a few interior architecture internships to gain a practical experience before attempting to join an organization. You can become a Certified Interior Architect by sitting for the exam conducted by the National Council of Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). But to challenge this test, you should have an interior design education and completed six years in the interior architecture field.

Additional Qualifications

  • Assemble knowledge on safety standards, occupational standards, conservation issues and eco-friendly designs.
  • Accumulate business management and communication skills.
  • Increase your computer skills