How to conduct the best job search for basketball

A lot of people during their lifetime have always dreamed of either playing professional basketball or working in the world of basketball, whether at the college or professional level. To find that perfect job in the world of basketball can be difficult at first but if done properly can be extremely rewarding once you are hired. There are plenty of jobs out there, including Public Relations, media, General Manager, vice-president, director of basketball operations, director of player development and many, many more.

So how do you conduct the best job search for basketball?

Here's how. As you enter college, if you know what you want to do for a career, make sure you major in sports management or business. These two majors will help you become a sports agent or a business executive in the sports industry. While you are in college, try to obtain an internship in your field of study that will hopefully lead to a full-time job with that team or with another team down the road.

It is important to understand that searching for jobs in the basketball field can be tenuous but you shouldn't give up right away. The best time to start searching is while you are still in college, because you shouldn't wait until after graduation, this is when thousands of other students across the country are searching for the same jobs that you are searching for. When you begin your search, start on the Internet. This is really the best and only place to search for jobs in basketball because many teams wish that you do not inquire about their openings at the office or over the phone.

If you are looking to become a basketball scout, the website Sports Management Worldwide is the best place to look for scouting jobs across the country at the collegiate and professional level. As with many other professional sports leagues, the National Basketball Association posts all of their job openings on the Work in Sports website. This site has been serving the sports world since 2000 and has placed thousands of employees in sports jobs all over the country.

The NBA's website also offers opportunities for prospective employees to search for job openings. They post openings in the NBA, WNBA and the NBA Development League. There are jobs in the league front offices, team front offices, opportunities working in the NBA Store in New York and internship opportunities.

If you are more interested in working on the court than behind the scenes in the world of basketball, there are separate sites and job databases available for player development positions and coaching positions throughout the world of basketball. Before applying for all of these jobs and conducting the best job search for basketball, make sure you have enough experience for each individual job and your resume stands out from all the rest of the applicants. A bland resume could mean the difference between getting the job of your dreams or continuing an endless job search each day.